BBC…. Not Often Right and Wrong Again


“With fewer people flying there are fewer contrails in our skies”

WRONG: Geoengineering, SRM ( Solar Radiation Management) commonly referred to as Chemtrails.

I wrote to Tap the other week explaining my awareness that there had been a significant reduction in Chemtrailing and also no rainfall since the Coronascamdemic started and got thinking yesterday if and when we do get rain and shoppers are having to stand out in it awaiting to enter grocery stores there’s going to be a reaction, and let’s face it, “Hell knows wrath like that of a woman.” Look out boys, the brolly brigade are coming for you.

WRONG: “The seagulls aren’t as numerous in Newcastle.

Some weeks ago I happened to be watching the BBC One Show were they were talking about seagulls. I emailed the BBC telling them to get there facts correct stating that there was no such bird a seagull.