BBC are the leading scaremongers of this fake epidemic. Coronavirus Act is treason and against Britain’s Constitution.

COVID-19 is claiming a total of 5,000 deaths from 600,000 deaths a year in the UK.  Deaths in the UK are lower this year in the first few months than normal.  Many other diseases from sepsis to cancer are being categorised as COVID-19 deaths.  99% of people claimed to be dying of COVID-19 have a more serious underlying condition.  Only 1% of the claimed deaths could be genuine.

David Noakes 

The anti-body test is simply ludicrous as so many other illnesses are being categorised as COVID-19.  If you have had flu, a cold or a coronavirus any time in the last five years you could show a positive.  There is no test which can demonstrate anyone has had COVID-19.  Imperial College London put out all the false figures.  They have form in causing disasters by inflating figures of epidemics such as foot and mouth.  They predicted 550,000 cases of COVID deaths.  This got the lockdown in place.  Now they’ve adjusted their figures to 5,000 deaths.  The 5,000 is probably 99% inflated.

Niall Ferguson made the 550,000 prediction for COVID deaths and he is on the payroll of the Bill Gates Foundation.  Imperial College should be closed down and Professor Niall Ferguson should go on trial for fraud.  Boris Johnson is childishly stupid for believing the absurd figures put out by Imperial College.  There are other academics speaking out but they are not reported in the main media.  The BBC are the leaders of the scaremongering and they lie constantly.

Why is the world closed down for yet another Coronavirus?  David Noakes spells it out after he deals with the Linda Thyer injustices in France and in British courts.

The Coronavirus Act breaks all of Britain’s Constitution.  It’s illegal and treasonous.  Boris Johnson (if he survives) is acting like a child.  The Act rivals Hitler’s Enabling Act of 1933.  Boris Johnson need not have gone along with it all.  The Act rushed out in a week is 330pages long.  It was not created in a week, but has been planned a very long time.

We have entered a dictatorship.  All politicians are working against the people.

The Mental Health part of the Act is most concerning.  It permits a single doctor/mental health professional to send a patient away to a psychic ward.

The countries that are not locking down are doing better than the locked down countries.  People locked down can’t get out and their immune response will be impaired resulting in more deaths and illness.  Noakes says he could save 120,000 people from cancer for £40 million a year.  He says that deaths from COVID as claimed have plateaued but the government are not letting up on the lockdown which is destroying half the economy  – to save a maximum of 50 people as the COVID illness is almost a nothing.  The government Public Health England downgraded COVID-19 from a serious disease to one with a low impact.  It’s a media virus.  A fear virus.

Civil liberties are seriously under threat.  You have to visit your MP.  Emails are simply trashed.  If you visit your MP they can take on board your concerns.  If you get your MP activated on an issue it might help.  Killing by government is becoming more and more common.  The Proceeds Of Crime Act permits judges and Police to take peoples’ property once they plead guilty to a crime, or are convicted.  And share it out amongst themselves.

Banks bailed out.  (shaky connection).  More money being given to the New World Order by governments.  They crash economies and buy out the competing companies and little businesses for nothing, as they did in 1929 and The Depression.

Why can’t people walk in parks or on the beach where they are miles from each other?


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  1. Prometheus says:

    I live just up the road from this cess-pit in Media City. They are all turning up to work. Less than 2 metres apart. Getting paid and spreading propaganda across the airwaves. We don’t even have a prime minister to reign them in anymore as he is too ill (apparently).

    • sovereigntea says:

      Suggest you video it and post online distribute via a product such as dropbox to prevent the Youtube/Facebook/Twitter gang from deleting the content.

  2. Belyi says:

    Fortunately I live in a country where the shops are well stocked and we can go out into the parks. Many restaurants are offering takeaways.

    However, it is tragic to see people of all ages going around in masks and gloves. Tragic to see how many people believe in this rubbish.

    I met a lady yesterday in a shop as we realised we’d caught the same bus into town. I’ve met an elderly man in the park. He lives in a studio apartment with no balcony and spends his days outside. For them and for me it has been refreshing to find someone who doesn’t buy into the lies. Pity more of the younger people are going so meekly like lambs to the slaughter.

  3. Belyi says:

    I had been in correspondence with Lynda until the end of 2019, when I letter I wrote to her with the new number which she had been given was returned weeks later through the mail as “unknown at this address”. As at one point her name was on the list of political prisoners at Fleury-Mérogis prison on Wikipedia but it was rapidly removed.

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