Arsonists attack phone mast serving NHS Nightingale hospital

Introduction – April 15, 2020

5G tower set ablaze in Birmingham, UK. Click to enlarge

The Guardian was once the newspaper for left-leaning middleclass liberals. It was anti-war, anti-racism and regularly campaigned on the sort issues that attract trendy anti-establishment types. Or at least it did fifty years ago.
Perhaps it’s a reflection of changes in society, but with racism and sexism now officially taboo and homosexuality and women’s “rights” promoted by the authorities, the Guardian is now very much an establishment mouthpiece.
In fact it actively and disingenuously promotes the establishment’s agenda and the following is a case in point.
According to the Guardian, activists have been targeting 5G phone masts because they “wrongly believe” the masts pose a health hazard. To support this claim the Guardian includes a link to an article that describes such conspiracy theories as “nonsense”.
However, objections to 5G are based on more than just “conspiracy theories”. Crucially the Guardian omits to say that many prominent scientists and doctors are also warning of the dangers posed by 5G.
-> This includes an appeal signed by 240 scientists who work with Electro-Magnetic Fields that states: “We Have No Reason To Believe That 5G is Safe
-> The Guardian also ignores Dr Barrie Trower, the world’s leading expert on microwave weapons, who has warned of the “gigantic health hazard” posed by 5G.
-> Likewise the Guardian report also completely ignores the fact that Switzerland, Brussels and Slovenia have all recently halted work on 5G networks due to concerns over the health hazard they pose.
So worries about 5G are not just based on unfounded “conspiracy theories”. They reflect the concerns of literally hundreds of scientists who work with EMF. Moreover, these misgivings are now being recognised by governments and municipalities around the world as they halt or suspend work on 5G.
The Guardian completely ignores these critical facts. Instead, it quotes from vested interests within the 5G industry itself
However, this goes beyond censorship about 5G. The Guardian article is outright propaganda in that it links attacks on 5G masts with the new NHS Nightingale hospital. So that those who oppose 5G are associated, at least subliminally in the minds of the ignorant and uninformed, with attacks on hospitals.
This is disinformation of the most insidious kind. In that the Guardian glosses over very real concerns over 5G while it ignores the potential life-threatening impact of such technology.
Finally, in an indication of the real magnitude of the Covid-19 crisis; the 5G mast that was torched in London was located at the city’s Nightingale Hospital. The hospital was set up with help from the military to deal with an expected flood of patients stricken by corona virus. Over the Easter weekend the 4,000-bed hospital admitted just 19, repeat NINETEEN patients.
Obviously, the Covid-19 threat isn’t quite as big as we’ve been led to believe. Ed.

Arsonists attack phone mast serving NHS Nightingale hospital

Vodafone boss hits out at ‘deluded’ 5G conspiracy theorists after incident in Birmingham

Mark Sweeney and Jim Waterson – The Guardian April 14, 2020

A mobile phone mast serving the emergency NHS Nightingale hospital in Birmingham is one of the latest targeted by arsonists who wrongly believe 5G technology is linked to the spread of coronavirus.

Nick Jeffery, the chief executive of Vodafone UK, revealed that a mast providing connectivity to the hospital was attacked over the weekend – bringing the total to more than 40 nationwide.

“It’s heart-rending enough that families cannot be there at the bedside of loved ones who are critically ill,” said Jeffery, in a post on LinkedIn. “It’s even more upsetting that even the small solace of a phone or video call may now be denied them because of the selfish actions of a few deluded conspiracy theorists.”

In many cases, mobile networks say, the sites attacked do not yet have 5G technology installed.

West Yorkshire police are investigating a fire which took place in the early hours of Tuesday involving a phone mast attached to a residential building in Huddersfield.

In another incident in Dagenham, east London, two 19-year-old men and an 18-year-old man were arrested on suspicion of arson after police were called in the early hours of Tuesday morning. The two incidents involved 10 fire engines.

5 responses to “Arsonists attack phone mast serving NHS Nightingale hospital”

  1. The Guardian: “Anti-war”? In the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, the Guardian published some of the most bloodthirsty pro-war articles, some so awful, I couldn’t finish them.

  2. The term “conspiracy theory” was invented by the CIA to ridicule dissent from the mainstream narrative. It has worked well over the years, but its usefulness is coming to an end. The corporate media narrative has been getting less influential as more people turn to alternative and more reliable sources for their information. Now only a relatively small number of “sheep” have any trust in the mainstream media, which no longer provides any credible analyses of news events. Investigative journalism no longer exists in the corporate media, owned by just 6 corporations. Those journalists reporting in the quality alternative media, are increasing coming under censorship by the usual suspects, but their voices cannot be stopped. The public is finally beginning to see the big picture. Not before time.

  3. Ohhhh Come on you guys ??
    The Guardian is a very useful newspaper, mostly know? With the panic buying Toilet Paper creating a shortage of it ?? You’d be glad to have the Guardian on hand …

  4. Honesty has never been anything whatsoever remotely to do with the Guardian. If it was an honest paper, it would call itself ‘The Authoritarian’.
    If in conversation with people and newspapers come up and they say they’re a Guardian reader, I pretty much move conversation to a quick end. Guardian newspaper readers are just the worst.

    And as predicted, when it comes to the msm, they’ve moved onto YT. This is why they’ve been kicking off truth channels of late. They were simply making way for the soon to be, invasion of the msm, to try and catch all the YT watchers. In my feed, daily, there’s channels constantly from the msm. It’s disgusting. And of course, the Guardian is there.

    As to the article, well, what can you state that that the edit hasn’t stated? Yup, people are waking up to what 5G is. Because of the internet people are finding the truth. And the oligarchs will be pushing to shut down the internet asap, in order to stop more people waking up. I think the boulder has now started rolling off the top of the hill in regards to people waking up. This lockdown is doing that.

  5. You could argue that the far left Guardian has ALWAYS been the mouthpiece of the Stazi agenda….The biggest change has been the Daily Mail once thought of as the voice of the ‘Right’ side of politics is now run by a Zionist who is pushing the exact same agenda as the Guardian and bans anyone from their comments section for disagreeing with the propagander they inflict on us!! MSM thoughout the West now ALL run by the REAL NAZI’S




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