NHS mania is slavery to theory.

Science we are told, is knowledge that is provable by testing.  We know a lot of things but very few aspects of this knowledge are amenable to tests.  That part which can be tested is a tiny fraction of what we know.   Testing is limited to what tests are considered politically acceptable, which are invariably those that produce the answer required by the paymasters.  Through permitted and compulsory testing, the powerful dictate to the majority what they are permitted to know, and the limits of their existence.

Science is not actually knowledge unless it is trialled in the real world and seen to be true.  In the laboratory, all is based on theory.  The purpose of theory is to disguise ignorance and present it to the world as knowledge, when it is no such thing.  Decisions can be based on many things, but limiting the making of decisions to scientific theory, is to remove knowledge from the process, and replace it with ignorance.  And that is what we are finding with the decisions being made about the lockdown of our country on the advice of National Health scientists.

The tests are all admitted not to work, and yet every scrap of useless data they produce is what is being used to decide.  The fact that people are dying as per normal is being used to falsify the cause of their deaths in 99% of cases.  Some deaths are being caused by the medical treatment – the anti-viral drugs and the ventilators.  There is no way we know if any  deaths are being caused by a new virus.  It is all just theory.  Total numbers of deaths are the same as previous years.  If a vaccine appears that could kill many more.  Yet because theory and ignorance are ruling us and knowledge is sidelined, we have to tolerate the decline in our life expectancy brought about by the treatments we are subjected to.

The purpose of democracy is to avoid the totalitarian imposition of theory, and allow human spirit, knowledge and common sense to decide our own futures. .With all political parties bar one effectively destroyed, we have little democracy left.  The placing of power into one pair of hands, that of the Prime Minister, makes us all vulnerable, if that person can be overridden and sidelined, or even assassinated, as I believe an attempt was the reason for his sudden and critical hospitalisation.

Health theory is the chosen path of the totalitarians supported by 24 hour a day propaganda.  The letters NHS are being built into a powerful mental edifice which no one can dare to subvert.  The ridiculous clapping of the NHS in public.   Endless NHS adverts in all media.  Yes I too worry about NHS staff.  The fake epidemic needs victims and there is no more emotive victim than a health worker.  I would not put it past them.  Clearly some of the dying health workers died from other causes.  There is at the very least falsification going on.  Each Coronavirus diagnosis gets a bonus of around £10,000.  The theory is so weak in the real world that billions are needed to keep it appearing to be correct, as well as inappropriate health interventions, and worse.

The billions being spent are as nothing to the other costs of continuing with the Coronavirus theory.  The closing of the economies of the western and other worlds are driving tens or even hundreds of millions into unemployment.

Common sense says we need health and life but not at the expense of the purpose of our lives and the purpose of our deaths.  We are intended to fulfil our lives and achieve spiritual contentment while we live and for our continuing spiritual existence afterwards.  The demonic totalitarian forces that are inflicting us with baseless theory and fakery, don’t wish us to achieve that contentment, preferring us to live in stress and discontent, and to die unfulfilled.   They want distressed souls unable to be at peace, and not those who are at ease and are powerful in the after life and able to deal with their evil nature.  This is above all a spiritual battle, with the most of humanity kept unaware that that is what is at stake.

As it is we are being subjected to National Health Slavery and unless we awaken there will ultimately be No Hope of Survival as the powerful spiritual beings that we are.   The scientists are hopelessly wrong and have no idea what’s going on.  But that’s their job – to create a muddle which makes money.  Meantime we need a Prime Minister who can see the way out of this mess.




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