You are being watched 24 hours a day

For the last ten years YOU, your neighbours, your family, your kids and even your PETS have been SPIED ON by a tiny clique of inter-connected CRIMINAL ORGANISATIONS who pose as online social networks, or pretend to be innocent online auction houses, or pretend to be just online search engines… The reality is that the bosses of these criminal organisations are CRIMINALS because all along they have been violating INTERNATIONAL LAW…

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All 200 or so nations which signed the DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS supposedly allow everyone to have:

1. FREEDOM OF OPINION – even if you publish something in bad taste or offensive – the law provides you with protection to publish your opinions

2. PRIVACY – yes, your bank account, your date of birth, your real name, what you do at home alone, what job you have, where you went last night, where you had your lunch, what you ate for dinner, who you know, what friends do you have and where you live – all this is PRIVATE DATA which is being sucked out of your phone, your browser, even your watch every second of every day


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