2 Responses to “Virus is cover story for 5G/LED deployment”

  1. Prometheus says:

    With Boris Johnson now claiming he has it (along with countless other celebrities and politicians) and the continuous lies in the media –

    Dr. Kaufman M.D. explains how this is all fake –

  2. Gordon says:

    Had reason to legitimately visit Galashiels today and arriving at an area outwith the town known as Huntly Burn not far from Melrose were the Borders General Hospital is situated I noticed that along the verge of the A6091 road a number of trees had been felled. Of course I suspected this work to be preparatory to the replacement of street lamps for 5G lamps as described and explained in the link below.

    On leaving Galashiels and heading toward Huntly Burn I made a point of carefully looking at the top of the street lamps and sure enough the normal street lamps had been replace with the same 5G lamps with the antenna on top which are described in the same link below.


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