UK using ‘disinformation’ to fight propaganda war on coronavirus pandemic

Sunday, 22 March
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James Heappey (L), seen here with PM Boris Johnson, is leading the UK’s disinformation and propaganda war on the coronavirus pandemic

As the British government struggles to get to grips with the country’s escalating coronavirus crisis, there are growing signs and indications the establishment wants to open a propaganda war with unfriendly foreign states by way of a distraction.

The propaganda effort is led by armed forces minister, and Conservative MP for Wells (Somerset), James Heappey.

Heappey, who is a former army officer, has been using his tweeter feed to fight what he calls “disinformation” on the deadly COVID-19 disease.

James Heappey MP #StayHomeSaveLives


Thanks to @BuzzFeedNewsUK for debunking this. The only soldiers on the streets on London are guarding Buckingham Palace. 

Joey D’Urso


Replying to @josephmdurso

There is always crap circulating online so when you debunk something you always have to calculate how big it is and not just give one idiot oxygen…

But *loads* of people sent our team this. It’s huge. And on WhatsApp, which is so hard to track. 

But some of what Heappey calls “disinformation”, notably plans to potentially deploy the army on the streets of London, are in fact plans drawn up by the British government and the armed forces.

In a sign that a faction of the ruling Tories – in tandem with their allies in the military – are in fact more interested in creating disinformation of their own (as opposed to fighting it), Heappey appeared on Sky News today to give credence to unsubstantiated allegations that the Russians are orchestrating a coronavirus-related propaganda war against the UK.

James Heappey MP #StayHomeSaveLives


Some people just get wrong end of stick, some are (annoyingly) sharing ridiculous stuff to extend social media following, & others are doing it to deliberately sow disinformation. Good piece here from @haynesdeborah.

And if you want the truth, check out 

Deborah Haynes


Be aware of accidental misinformation and deliberately harmful #disinformation (by pro-Kremlin media and others) about #COVID19.
Britain’s armed force minister @JSHeappey shares his thought on the #coronavirus information battle

See James Heappey MP #StayHomeSaveLives’s other Tweets
The activity of Heappey and his allies in the military and the British media point to a concerted effort by a section of the British establishment to use the coronavirus outbreak to escalate tensions with Russia.

The propaganda war is deemed useful at a time when Britain appears to be sliding into chaos – as evidenced by panic shopping and a general sense of anxiety – in the face of the ruling Tories inability to contain the crisis.




2 Responses to “UK using ‘disinformation’ to fight propaganda war on coronavirus pandemic”

  1. Tapestry says:

    The anxiety is from people wondering what the real agenda is – depopulation. If it was just a virus which seems to be nothing much, people would not be very anxious at all. There is a hidden agenda. Why 12 weeks lockdown being talked of when in Asia they had one month? China and Korea knew the date of their release as the lockdown started. They are all getting back to normal now. The date of release in China was March 10th. The day the world went nuts in the UK, the US and Europe was March 11th. Who’s co-ordinating this worldwide event and to what purpose? I would suggest anxiety is in order as the globalists toy with humanity for hidden purposes. The virus is a fake as Trump said right from the start. Ending democracy is no doubt the main aim.

    • Derek says:

      WHO figures: 650,000 deaths globally per year from influenza. ONS: 28,000 died in 2014 from influenza. 16 people have allegedly died from coronavirus in the past two months in the UK, and we have troop movements; new laws; house ‘arrest’ for the elderly etc. etc.

      Something doesn’t add up.

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