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Which way is the right way? –

Belgium and France have joined the Republic of Ireland in closing schools, while major sports leagues across Europe and North America have been suspended. But the UK is yet to take any such dramatic measures.

That’s led to criticism from figures such as Jeremy Hunt, the former Health Secretary, and the editor-in-chief of the Lancet medical journal. Yet the Government insists that its decisions are being led by scientific advice.

So what’s going on?

As Paul Nuki, our Global Health Security Editor, explains, this is not a dispute over methods. The UK Government does intend to put these measures in place. However, it is a question of timing it right to ensure maximum obedience and therefore effect.

Yet, as Paul writes, it might also be a question of objectives.

– A matter of objectives –

Can and should the pandemic be kept as small as possible until a vaccine and effective antiviral drugs are widely available? That may not be until 2021, which would mean many months of economic and social disruption.

Or is the plan simply to push the peak into the summer, when the NHS will be better placed to cope and warmer weather might act as a natural brake on infections?

Sir Patrick spoke of a desire to create immunity among the population, saying it was not d for everyone to avoid catching it. That suggests a worry that the eventual lifting of lockdowns, which surely cannot persist beyond a few months, could simply unleash another epidemic.

Which method is the right one? Nobody can know for certain. The reality is, we haven’t dealt with something like this, on this scale, in the modern era and there is no definitive answer as to what to do.

At yesterday’s press conference, it was said that Britain was around four weeks behind Italy on the infections curve. Yet even then, it’s unclear if we will follow the same path. How long was the virus circulating unnoticed in Italy, for example?

Adding to the immense difficulty of it all is that most decisions are having to be made on the basis of sophisticated modelling, because of the two-week incubation period. Italy’s government, for example, has said it will be a fortnight before they know if the strict national lockdown has had an effect.


Boris needs to realise this is pneumonia not flu.  In itself, it is not very infectious and it is not particularly lethal.  The World Health Organisation has mandated that all pneumonia must be categorised as Coronavirus, which is how it has spread to easily.  The epidemic might not even exist otherwise.

Why no mention of that fact that China is already past peak by Boris?

Coronavirus Peak Is Over in China

Government scientists are denying the virus is in fact the effects of 5G launch which cuts oxygen uptake by the lungs and will kill vulnerable people.  Boris is right.  The situation is dangerous but not from the pneumonia itself which is common enough, but from the new technology and the new environment it will create.

China is already over the virus and past the peak.  Even if this is a viral event, the population there is bouncing back very quickly with very few deaths.  Time to focus on the real event – 5G.

5G was under test in Wuhan as it is in Milan.  It cuts the rate at which people can absorb oxygen making pneumonia an increasingly dangerous condition.  If they are about to do major 5G tests in the UK, this will lose lives as Boris says and cause birth defects and many other horrors, as listed out by Mark Steele who witnesses the tests of 5G carried out in Gateshead.

Boris is steering a middle course.  The bankers want their crash so they must keep the panic going.  Boris knows that the bankers and the globalists can end his Premiership in a week if they wish – by crashing the pound and the stock market, and sending in their placemen to unseat him as Conservative leader.  So he’s done what they want, making a baloney speech about families losing loved ones and standing alongside the health mafia’s top brass in all seriousness as if he believes what they’re saying.  He clearly doesn’t.

But he’s also refused to do what they want him to do and dislocate the day to day economy.  He is no doubt under enormous pressure to join Belgium, Italy and the rest – but he is resisting.  He could be hoping that after one more week or maybe two the peak of the hysteria will be passed.  Yet bankers wanting crashes will not leave him alone for long and he will be ducking and diving to stop the hysteria from building on a day to day basis – hoping the crash can be engineered sufficiently by panicking Italians.  Knowing that he might eventually have no choice but to buckle to their demands, he is playing this as long as he can – in case he can pull off a continuity result – with everything still open and everyone still working.  That would be much better for his Premiership.



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