The creation of mankind was no accident

Since the era of ALBERT EINSTEIN, Jewish scientists & quantum physicists tell working class people that the entire universe was created from NOTHING and that mankind is an ‘accident’… Meanwhile, in SECRET SOCIETIES, behind closed doors, the REAL source of CREATION is taught for the CHOSEN ONES, using Kabbalistic-Hebrew symbols… CHRIS EVERARD’s digital book STAR GODS tells a different story to Einstein – the true account of the ‘Big Bang’ and mankind’s genetic legacy…

The truth of the matter is that ancient Japanese Creation legends have similarities with the Epic of Gilgamesh, the Book of Genesis and also Kabbalah. They all teach how the cosmos and mankind were created… But until the publication of CHRIS EVERARD’s digital book STAR GODS, it was all ignored and kept secret… The fact is this; Amphibian-Humanoids came from the stars and taught mankind advanced knowledge of Chromosomes and DNA…

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According to early Japanese Jomon theology, the universe was immersed in a beaten and shapeless kind of matter (chaos matter or ‘dark matter’), which was ‘submerged in silence’. Later, there were sounds indicating the movement of particles – this ‘sound’ can be equated with the ‘word’ featured in the Book of Genesis. With this movement [ie: vibration], the light and the lightest particles rose, but the particles were not as fast as the light and could not go higher. Thus, the light was at the top of the Universe, and below it, the particles formed first the clouds and then Heaven, which was to be called Takamagahara (高天原, “High Plain of Heaven”).

The rest of the particles that had not risen formed a huge mass, dense and dark, to be called Earth. Japanese mythology has five pairs of creator gods, whereas, the Pyramid Texts speak of four pairs – other than that it is the same story… It’s also identical to the SPHERES OF CREATION of the Jewish Kabbalah…

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“Chris Everard’s STAR GODS book has unlocked the secret function of Stone Henge, Gobekli Tepe, Tara in Ireland and many other ancient monuments. His book has dozens of diagrams and illustrations which explain – in mind blowing detail – how ancient Shamans constructed stone circles and pyramids to be seen from the sky, in an attempt to lure to planet earth mysterious STAR GODS. Chris has clearly – and in a witty and entertaining way – demystified all these remarkable ancient sites. Highly recommended!” ~ SHEREE GEO, Beyond The Veil Show, iHeart Radio

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