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5G is the next generation of cell phone infrastructure, yet it is categorically different than its predecessors (4G/LTE, 3G, 2G, etc.). It is not a simple upgrade. It is a major increase – and change – in the type of wireless radiation to which we will all be exposed, without consent, whether we use this service or not. We, at Stop 5G Scotland are raising funds to go around Scotland’s community’s to raise awareness on the health and safety concerns of 5G, of which were debated in parliament due to growing concern from the public. 5G has been stopped in Brussels, The municipality of Rome, 2 city’s in the UK, city’s in Ireland, and parts of Australia due to health concerns, yet they still insist on rolling out this untested, illegal, unlawful, uninsurable technology onto the people of Scotland, when all peer reviewed, published, independent, scientific studies show this dangerous radiation to be a class one carcinogen, effecting humans at a cellular level. Children and animals are most at risk, as their blood brain barrier is thinner than a fully grown adults, therefore absorbing 60% more radiation.


Radio Frequency EMFs or wireless technology is considered innovative but that consideration happened because critical science was admitted to be missing in exposure codes globally. Causation and biological plausibility linking RF EMFs to adverse health effects was admitted to be missing. That missing causal evidence should have been found before mass deployment of wireless first. Unrealized catastrophic consequences and liabilities have been created by governments and industries moving forward with critical science admitted to be missing. That missing causal evidence was found and reported through different jurisdictions but those jurisdictions failed to follow procedure, and report the findings.
This isn’t a debate and your council is relying on a plastic head with liquid in it to supersede all sciences and jurisdictions including medicine, these tests also never took children and animals into consideration.


We hope to reach out to the public to support this cause, so that we can organise community talks, informing the public on what they have not been told about 5G mmw’s, and the risk that this technology poses to the health & safety of every human being, animal, bird, and every flying pollinator as well as to our ecosystem. We will be printing leaflets to go around each community, with 5G facts and information on the dangers of 5G to health and safety, as well as your city councils smart city plans, which the public were not consulted about. We will be placing danger of radiation exposure stickers onto 5G masts, as well as the new 5G enabled L.E.D street lights. We would also like to hold future events to raise awareness and empower people to get behind this cause and say NO to 5G in Scotland and NO to 5G in Scotland’s schools, as we see more and more 5G masts erected in and around primary schools, where children are exposed to radiation for anything between 6/7 hours per day. Letters will also be available on request for schools in Scotland.


We recently saw the outcome of the court case – Gateshead city council v Mark Steele. The city council tried to gag Mark Steele, military weapons expert, and ex head of display, to try to stop him speaking out about the 5G crime against humanity. However, Judge QC. Nolan lifted the gag, citing that in Mr Steele’s qualified capacity, being the leading expert on 5G, he has the right to warn the public about the 5G dangers. Gateshead city council were also ordered, by QC. Nolan to debate the 5G issue with the public. This has still not been done. Under UK parliamentary laws, all councils should have held a full consultation with the public before the mass implementation of 5G infrastructure, including the new 5G enabled L.E.D lights we see popping up in community’s almost over night.

Gordon see:

5G LED stealth weapon system deployed on the streets of the UK


Covering the planet with 5G will kill the planet and unrealized hell is coming. The UK and others should be horrified exposure codes admit they are inducing electrical current into people. There is no acceptable induction of current into a baby or adult. Rules and laws have been broken on every level, and this mass 5G deployment is being rolled out under tacit agreement. Let the Scottish government, as well as m.p’s and city councils know, that we, the concerned citizens of Scotland do not consent to this dangerous, carcinogenic, untested technology being deployed on the people of Scotland.
A Huge Thank You To Everyone Getting Behind This Cause ❤️




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