Old unwell man dies in Shropshire Care Home. Worldwide headlines.

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When will people realise what a farce this so-called epidemic truly is?  There are so few deaths, and what deaths there are, are clearly not much to do with the suggested epidemic that it’s becoming laughable.  Inasmuch as death can be laughable.  For the people concerned it is always a very big deal and no joke, but given how desperate the government and the media are to find cases, and when none of any significance appear, they are well capable of turning a non-event into major international news to fill the gap.  Perhaps stories can also be manipulated to make them more relevant and newsworthy.  It’s one thing to read of this death in the local paper, but to find it running all over the world, you have to wonder what it is that’s going on.  Once an old person has been diagnosed with Coronavirus (having a minimal viral load is sufficient for a diagnosis without any resulting illness – and CV-19 is only pneumonia renamed anyway),  a medical practitioner would know that their death would be highly newsworthy.  Dr Shipman might not be the only of his type operating within the health service….

Top Story on www.google.com/finance tonight is the death of an old man in a Shrewsbury retirement home, a man with many health problems and who was not expected to live forever.   Is this all they have to scare the world’s markets into continuing with the market crash that’s been started not so much by the non-existent epidemic, but by the measures taken by imbecile governments to ensure maximum damage is done.

That story appears below.  Please think that if this is all they have tonight to frighten people with, the whole thing is more or less a joke in very poor taste.  I repeat this is a top story in international news this evening.  Is this really all they’ve got?

Insiders no doubt are aware of the real significance of this story.   As with the Spanish flu, those who sought medical help were the least likely to survive.

COV death: Five-thousand-year-old man had two hundred diseases, was on three hundred toxic meds

The Totalitarian State arrives in the UK, fronted up by Health Nazis

The economic effects of closing down a country’s economy will lead to far more illhealth than a few ageing pneumonia victims ‘saved’.  Loss of jobs and businesses will bring on illnesses of stress, poverty and loneliness.  This will kill millions not a few hundred.


The Government is now being more open about the modelling and data behind its decisions and yesterday, Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London set out the thinking behind this change of plan.

At its heart was new data from Italy, and Lombardy in particular, which showed how quickly the healthcare system there was overwhelmed. 30 per cent of hospitalised patients were admitted to intensive care.

That led their modelling to predict that perhaps 260,000 people might die in the UK as a result of the epidemic. Not just from the virus itself, but because the NHS’s ability to care for other life-threatening problems and illnesses would be under severe strain.

In effect, the strategy is moving beyond “flattening the curve”. The plan now is to “pull the epidemic into reverse”. That could bring the number of deaths down to 20,000 or perhaps even into the thousands, said Prof Ferguson.

However, that is not without costs; it means long-term restrictions. Dr Chris Whitty, the Chief Medical Officer, said yesterday that people should expect these restrictions to be in place for a “minimum of weeks to months”. Prof Ferguson said it could be 12-18 months. That’s because abandoning hopes of creating widespread immunity in the community means that lifting the measures before a vaccine is ready might simply lead to a second wave of infections.

– It’s in your hands –

The debate over whether the Government is acting strongly enough continues. Sir Patrick Vallance, the Chief Scientific Adviser, said that Britain was actually moving earlier than some countries on these measures, considering where it is on the infection curve.

He said the UK was about three weeks behind Italy, which only went into national lockdown seven days ago.

However, Britain still differs from other countries in lockdown in that these measures are still voluntary. In France, which has also just gone into lockdown, the police have been deployed to enforce the new rules and those who breach them face significant fines.

New legislation is being introduced to Parliament today to create emergency powers, but the Prime Minister seemed reluctant to use the power of the state to enforce the lockdown.

– Making it easy to comply –

As we’ve seen already, that could change very quickly. Right now, however, what would seem to matter most is how easy the Government can make it for people to self-isolate.

That includes obvious, if difficult to solve, things such as getting panic buying under control, and ministers are already in talks with supermarkets. But it’s also, as Stephen Bush points out, about less obvious things like removing the five-week delay for Universal Credit payments.

While Italy and Spain have shown that relying on solidarity can clearly work in the short-term, nobody yet knows how societies will react months into such restrictions. If financial reality is allowed to bite for those who simply cannot afford to self-isolate, then they may consider that they have no choice other than to break quarantine.

A resident at at Shrewsbury retirement complex has died after testing positive for coronavirus.

The Summerfield Place retirement complex. Photo: McCarthy and Stone/YouTube

The pensioner lived at the McCarthy and Stone Summerfield Place development on Wenlock Road and died over the weekend after testing positive for Covid-19 on Friday.

It is understood to have been the first coronavirus death in Shropshire and was confirmed as Boris Johnson said all people in the UK should avoid pubs, clubs and theatres, stop all non-essential contact and travel, and work from home if they can.

A spokesman for McCarthy and Stone said the resident had underlying health issues.

“On Friday one of the residents at Summerfield Place tested positive for Covid-19,” they said.

“They had underlying health issues and sadly passed away at the weekend.

More coronavirus news:

“We have offered our deepest condolences to the family. We’re not in a position to provide further details and the family have requested privacy at this time.

“We are providing full support to them and the other residents at the development.

On Monday the first coronavirus death in Wales was confirmed at Wrexham Maelor Hospital, meaning at least 36 people have died in the UK after being diagnosed with coronavirus – not including the Shrewsbury death.



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