Virus ‘countermeasures’ are crime against humanity.

I work in the events industry which has shut down. I would get temporary work in a hospitality business, but BoJo has advised not to go those so they will not want any staff.

How will I pay my bills?

How will the airline crews survive?

How will gym workers and shop staff pay their bills when no one turns up so they have their hours cut.

It’s always the bottom of the social standing that is sacrificed first.

BoJo needs to stop being Trump about it, trying to nurse the situation so that the government doesn’t have to pay for it.

Terrible leadership – don’t give advice, make a decision and take responsibility by looking after the citizens of this country in their hour of need.

Tom Evans

TAP – Once this fiasco is over, people will be wondering what happened to the epidemic when there is nothing to show for it.  People will forever remember the government sold them down the river and destroyed their livelihoods.  Big political mistake.  A crime against humanity.

Steve Hill comments

Yes, it will become an economic crisis – or rather an inequality crisis – as different industries are affected differently.

The scandalous 5 week wait for Universal Credit will also cause great hardship along with suicide, stress-related illness and family conflict and violence.

TAP – The measures being taken will kill tens of thousands.  And destroy peoples’ lives.  That is what this is all designed to do.  The virus is a fake – and the tests are not effective.  Our bodies contain hundreds of thousands of viruses.  There are very few people in the world who can differentiate them.  The idea that hundreds of hospitals overnight have the expertise to identify viruses is impossible.  Even if a single virus is identified correctly which is unlikely to be correct, you need millions to be present – and the body’s immune system must be failing to deal with them to get ill.  There is no test for this.  There is therefore no science at all behind the government’s crimes.  We all depend on the economy for our livelihoods and our health.  The government is deliberately destroying us.




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