Mysteries of the Messiah

Cannabis, Opium & Mushroom crops in the ancient world were not just about growing hemp rope, paper fibres, food and seed-oil, these crops were grown so that ancient man could make contact with another world. A psychic world. A world inhabited by their dead forefathers and tribal elders…

STONE AGE PSYCHEDELIA is the first book to piece together the pharmacological history of Shamanism & Alchemy… And traces the teachings of non-physical entities into an ‘extraterrestrial void’ described in the Kabbalah.

ANCIENT TRIBES had a leader called the MOSHIAH – a person who had deep-tissue massage with CROCODILE FAT that had been char-grilled since a child. This special ‘Messeh fat’ contains a remarkable molecule which keeps the telomeres inside the chromosomes from shortening with age… Thus the Moshiah, or ‘Messiah’ was thought to be ‘IMMORTAL’…

CHRIS EVERARD’s massive book & film revealing the astonishing secret history of alchemy, conciousness and telepathic-psychedelic communion with ancient gods is now available in a fully illustrated edition – with 30+ color photos and 100+ black and white illustrations, 500 pages, weighing nearly a kilo – this is a mammoth book.

Also includes a two hour documentary filmed in the Great Pyramid on 2 x DVDs.

Worldwide shipping included. Book + 2 DVDs, shipped immediately. No hidden shipping charges…This is no ordinary book…

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STONE AGE PSYCHEDELIA is a book and a documentary filmed in Egypt


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