Meet Naomi Seibt – The 19-Year-Old, Blond Antidote To Greta Thunberg & NZ Government Begins National Climate Indoctrination Of Children

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In what is a somewhat shocking lead article, the Washington Post has written a feature on Naomi Seibt, a German climate skeptic and YouTuber that WaPo describes as “…19-year-old German who, like Greta, is blond, eloquent and European.”

WaPo introduces the teen:

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“Naomi denounces “climate alarmism,” calls climate consciousness “a despicably anti-human ideology,” and has even deployed Greta’s now famous “How dare you?” line to take on the mainstream German media.”

Of course, there is a reason why WaPo decided to show Naomi to the world… to set the narrative – that she is a climate-denying, right-wing racist…

In addition to climate change, Naomi echoes far-right skepticism about feminism and immigration.The German media have described her as sympathetic to the nationalist Alternative for Germany (AfD), the biggest opposition party in parliament, whose leaders have spoken of fighting “an invasion of foreigners.””

Naomi says she is not a member of AfD – she describes herself as libertarian – but acknowledges speaking at a recent AfD event.

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Seibt was interviewed by Sky News Australia last week to discuss her story.

“What the climate skeptics, or climate realists say, makes a lot of sense to me, scientifically,” Seibt said in the interview.
“And that’s how I became really passionate about the topic.”I think this entire climate mainstream narrative is not about science at all. Because I would say that more than 90% of the people, especially the young people, who go to those Fridays for Future protests, they have no clue what they’re actually talking about.

They don’t know anything about the science behind it.

All they know is, this is the mainstream, and they are actually scared many of them I think that the planet is going to end like 12 years from now. And so, this is not about science. This is about politics. This is about controlling us.”

As WaPo reports, Naomi said her political activism was sparked a few years ago when she began asking questions in school about Germany’s liberal immigration policies.

She said the backlash from teachers and other students hardened her skepticism about mainstream German thinking.

Former EU Climate Change Advocate Now Based in NZ and Blowing the Whistle

The following video presentation below by former EU Climate Change proponent Christopher Le Breton. This was presented in Dunedin several weeks ago.

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A fresh look at Climate Change and it’s hidden agenda. Christopher Le Breton, a professional environmentalist who has lived, worked and traveled in 107 countries, shares his insights acquired after three decades of working with Government (EU) and not for profit organisations worldwide.

Christopher was previously working at high level in Brussels with the EU in helping to cement the global climate change narrative until he realised the truth and the true agenda.

He has now given away that career, based himself in Dunedin, and is dedicating himself to raising awareness of the truth about the real climate change agenda, geoengineering, HAARP, and eco-terrorism. 

Great to see someone like Christopher, with his background, now stepping away and taking on a mission like this.

Very brave move. Christopher was invited to speak at Waitangi Day where he was able to speak for 15 minutes about the climate change deception and geo-engineering where he received an open and positive response.

He is now working on raising funds so that he can take his presentation on tour in NZ.

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More recently, she said that watching young people joining weekly “Fridays For Future” protests inspired by Greta helped spur her opposition to climate change activism.

I get chills when I see those young people, especially at Fridays for Future. They are screaming and shouting and they’re generally terrified,” she said in an interview.“They don’t want the world to end.””

Later this week, Naomi is set to make her American debut at the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, a high-profile annual gathering just outside Washington of right-leaning activists.

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Naomi Seibt vs. Greta Thunberg: Whom Should We Trust?

Greta Thunberg took the world by storm with her doomsday climate predictions.

Naomi Seibt, a rising star, advocates for proper scientific discourse over climate change. Who seems like the more reasonable advocate to you?

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“She’s a fantastic voice for free markets and for climate realism,” James Taylor, director of the Arthur B Robinson Centre for Climate and Environmental Policy at The Heartland Institute, told The Washington Post.

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NZ Government Begins National Climate Indoctrination Of Children

”Education” continues its slide into indoctrination and brainwashing. The Cultural Marxist’s “long march through the institutions” is now substantially complete.’ (@JWSpry)

There’s a disturbing whiff of totalitarianism, in that this secular religion permits no dissent’ (Karl du Fresne, Dominion Post, January 23, 2020) – state-organised bullying of kids’ (David Seymour)

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The New Zealand government has announced a new Climate Change Curriculum (available here) for children from 10 and above.

It is a callous, exploitative project whose undisguised aim is to frighten children to death (perhaps literally) in order to fulfil the government / UN climate agenda.

Let us be quite clear – the climate change curriculum has nothing to with science or education but is unashamedly evangelical. 

The IPCC reports are Holy Writ, and to question any detail is heresy.

There is instruction on how to resist temptation from the devil, in the form of sceptics (heretics). Donald Trump, the villain who pulled the United States out of the Kyoto Agreement, is of course the Devil Incarnate.

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There are fast days with abstinence from certain foods.

Greta Thunberg leads the Children’s Crusade. If the children fail, there will be hell on earth, and they will live with the guilt forever – moral blackmail, guilt and blame play a prominent role in the climate cult.

There is no attempt to apply academic rigour at any point or to inspire critical thinking – the aim is to suppress critical thinking. Children are brainwashed, cowed or bullied into becoming climate activists.

They are given no space to disagree with the facts as presented, to fail to respond emotionally as demanded, to refuse to take action as required.

Such manipulation is child abuse.

The ‘Science’ (Section A)

The fundamental creed is, of course, that an increase in anthropogenic greenhouse gases, principally CO2, is causing the world to warm up, with various spin-off effects like scarily rising sea levels, droughts, hurricanes etc.

The science presented is at best selective. It does not show the breakdown of gases in the atmosphere.

There is no attempt to put climate change into context, even by providing a graph of geological history.

Everything is taught as bald fact, with no room for debate, even where the claims are hotly disputed by reputable scientists around the world.

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Instead the children are taught to swallow and regurgitate the mendacious mantra that ‘97% of climate experts agree.’

The IPCC is referred to repeatedly as an absolute authority, despite the heavy criticism that has been levelled at the organisation over the years, with number of contributors complaining that the findings of scientists are reversed by the final editors.

New Zealander Dr Vincent Gray, who contributed to all the early IPCC reports, described the IPCC in 2007 as too blinkered and corrupt to save (see also here and here).

An analysis by Dr Jock Allison of flaws in the science presented, focusing on the so-called myth busters in Session 7, is included below as an Appendix.

How does it make you feel?

One of the strangest aspects of a supposedly scientific subject, where one would expect the application of  some objectivity, is the emphasis on and encouragement of emotional response.

This is introduced as early as lesson two with ‘The Feelings Splash: How does this make us feel’. The remaining lessons of Section A include segments entitled ‘Feelings Thermometer.

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Can we measure our feelings?’; ‘Understanding our feelings about Climate Change’; ‘Introducing “Psychological adaptation”:

Wellbeing action – what can I do?” – all leading up to Lesson 7: ‘Empathy / Outrage + Action = ACTIVISM’.  (One doesn’t like to think of how a child who said, ‘I’m fine with it’ would be viewed.)

Emotional response is such an essential part of the programme that there is a separate 15 page teacher resource dedicated to the subject.

Having callously pressured and enticed children into experiencing overwhelming emotions by telling them what is in effect a pack of lies, the education authority kindly offers advice to teachers and in turn parents on how to deal with traumatised children:

“It is normal for children and adults to feel worried, frustrated, angry and sad when learning about the issues around climate change.
Parents and whanāu can help when they acknowledge and accept the range of emotional impacts that awareness of climate change brings.

‘Parents and whanāu can watch out for:

Worsening anxiety or behaviors over time

Withdrawal or avoidance

Excessive reassurance seeking or limit testing

Changes in sleep, appetite and weight

Somatic symptoms such as tummy aches and headaches

Anxiety or behaviors that are interfering with functioning or causing distress

Any other change in your child that causes distress or interferes with their functioning”

There follows a long list of professional agencies that can advice parents or treat traumatised children.

And finally, parents are warned:

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It goes without saying that, if the campaign has its intended result and children are driven to suicide by this programme, blame will be attributed to climate change, not to the wickedness of those who devised this programme.

Activism (Sections B and C)

The purpose of the curriculum is not to educate: it is to terrify the children, then prime them for activism.

The argument for an urgent need for activism is as follows:

Greenhouse gases, generated by human activities, such as CO2 and methane are warming the planet – to question this is impossibleThe natural emotional reaction is grief, fear, despair, anger and of course guilt – failure to react thus is impossible

The responsible response is to take action – failure to act is impossible

Whoops. They sure as hell don’t talk about the NASA study showing that every planet in the system is warming up…

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Section B introduces the concepts of personal responsibility and activism:

Session 6: ‘Living with Climate Change: What can I do?’

This session starts by recapping the essentials of the situation as has been taught to the children, with a graph showing sensational, totally unrealistic scenarios by 2080-2100 if little or no action is taken to reduce emissions.

‘Average temperature rise – 3.7 degrees celsius’. (Jock Allison, below, Point 6, shows that neither the satellite data nor NOAA’s Climate Reference Network indicate continued upward movement in temperature.)‘Global sea level rise – 0.63 metres’.  (Numerous data sets and studies, including an analysis of measurements from the world’s 225 best long-term coastal tide gauges indicate an average global sea level rise of 1-2mm per annum and not accelerating, which suggests an increase of 60-120mm by 2080, so nowhere near 630mm).

‘Extreme weather – large increase’. (There is no justification for this claim whatsoever – there is convincing evidence that climate change is not leading to higher rates of weather-related damages worldwide, once you correct for increasing population and wealth. Even the 2018 IPCC report made this clear)

None of these predictions are any more likely to come to fruition than any of the past sensationalist predictions on the subject – see Jock Allison on failed predictions, below, Point 22.

Having been reminded of looming Armageddon, the children are now set for the next stage. They can live their religion, by making changes to their own lives, on the basis of the science as they have been taught it.

They can do their bit to reduce emissions by using less electricity, shopping locally, driving less, planting trees, etc.

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A most concerning element is the strong pressure on children to limit their meat and dairy intake, with no discussion of health implications, nor any relevant resources.

Starting with meatless Mondays is suggested – it is very clear that it will be virtually impossible for a children to opt out if a school makes this policy.

The programme is intended for children as young as 10 – ‘A dietary warning for people with developing bodies would be a prudent addition as well if teachers want to avoid lawsuits’ (Robin Grieve).

Greta Thunberg is introduced at this stage as an inspiration, presaging what is to come.

Go out into the world and spread the word (Session 7)

Essential tools: children are first reminded of the fallacious mantras that ‘most scientists’ agree (argumentum ad verecundiam or appeal to authority) and that most of the population agrees (argumentum ad populum).

‘Empathy or Outrage + Action = ACTIVISM’

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The discussion on activism covers climate activists that the children may have hear of, such as Greta Thunberg, Schools Strike4Climate, and David Attenborough, who has himself been blamed for the epidemic of eco-anxiety among young people.

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How to deal with sceptics

While the climate cult insists that there is no significant opposition to its teachings, care has been taken to include in the curriculum a sizable section on dealing with heretics who question the IPCC gospels.

Children are given instruction to prepare them for dealing with hypothetical situations with those who are yet to be convinced, or ‘flat out deny the existence of climate change’ (nobody denies climate change, but no matter).

Children are expected to rote-learn a set of dictums to be used to confront such situations and make conversions or silence unbelievers – role plays are set up to help them memorise the answers.

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The suggested situations are often straw men, and the answers are either seriously disputed or out and out lies (one can only guess at the conflict that will arise between a child armed with these mantras and an educated parent).

For a detailed analysis of the ‘myths’ and their supposed refutations, see Jock Allison, below.

Section C, ‘Time For Climate Action’ consciously sets out to turn children into activists for the climate cult.

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Children are obliged to commit as groups to ‘actions’. Suggested actions range from turning off lights to planning a campaign or a website.

Children are encouraged to target their campaigns at everyone from parents to cabinet ministers.

Ironically, there is also a section on children’s basic rights, including those relating to wellbeing and education.

Of course, as is the fashion, there is a suggestion of greater entitlement, also that adults are not taking action because they are selfish and uncaring of children and future generations (not because they have more sense).

The resource does not actually suggest civil disobedience, but it does feature prominently Greta Thunberg, who is closely aligned with the militant Extinction Rebellion.

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