Mad scientists with arrogance beyond imagination are killing off free Britain

Brexit is in the bag.  But unfortunately the greater threat to our freedom comes not from corrupted bureaucrats, and the ending of democratic accountability, but from scientists telling governments that unless we destroy ourselves, we will die.

This from FRONT BENCH –

If there was any lingering doubt as to the stakes in this fight, they will have been cleared by the words of Sir Patrick Vallance, the Chief Scientific Adviser, yesterday. He said that a “good outcome” could be considered keeping deaths at 20,000. It is for good reason that Johnson and Sunak are reaching for the wartime metaphors.

Patrick Vallance and Chris Witty.  The patsies being used as the excuse to do what big money wants done to you.

My advice is to ignore the ‘Chief Scientist’.  He will kill far more than the 20,000 he hopes to save.  Just two days ago a man walked in front of a train a mile away from here and killed himself having no hope of finding any job.  Sure there will be helicopter loads of cash sent around the place to help, but nothing will compensate people for the loss of their jobs and their businesses.  There are things in life other than fearing pneumonia killing old people and money, and that is pride and hope.  Without these, life is not worthy living anyway.  The government is listening to barmy overpaid scientists and failing to listen to the people.  Get out of our lives please.  We will do fine without you.  Honestly.

Many people from the last war would tell you that dying is not the worst thing that can happen to you.  Now I am starting to see what they meant.  Have you noticed how they are tiptoeing out the measures?  They say no school closures and no isolation – yet – but then they are gradually doing all the things that are mentioned.  They introduce one level of lockdown, wait til you’re used to it, then push on to more.  As long as the people are afraid and keep silent they keep rolling out the programme.  Why are people not crying out?  ‘Enough.  Enough.  Stop this bloody nonsense.’   Is it time to field candidates for a new political party – not Nigel Farage’s waste of time Reform Party – the get rid of the House Of Lords one.  We need a ‘save our economy’ party run by businessmen like the Wetherspoons boss.

He’s trying to save what’s left of Britain’s pubs, which are always coming under attack from one side or another.  Nigel Farage has spent half his life inside these places but lifts not a finger to save them.  He’s sold out.  Johnson likes to be seen raising a pint but where is he now the real decisions are having to be taken.  Sure old people will die from pneumonia (The Virus is pneumonia not flu) as we always do and hopefully go onto peaceful times in the next life.  Bt while we are still here, can we please have a pint, a fag or even a fuck (brothels have been closed in France).  Will life be worth living once we lose all these sources of entertainment?    Damn the virus.  Let’s live while we can, and be what human beings are meant to be.  Cringing around in fear as people are doing right now is pathetic.  No wonder they’re attacking us while they’ve got our arms twisted up our backs.  Of course they’ll be laughing up their sleeves when the cameras aren’t rolling, and hugely profiting from the crash as insiders always do.  This has nothing to do with a non-existent virus. (See previous posts)

£350 billion lifeline for the economy and there will be more to come

By Daniel Capurro,
Front Bench Editor
Capitalism is, for much of the economy, on pause. Yesterday, Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor, announced a £350 billion intervention to forestall an economic catastrophe brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.

– A bigger bazooka –

The Government is asking for immense sacrifice from businesses and individuals alike and thus is having to put in place immense financial measures to compensate them. The Chancellor put the total value of this latest package at 15 per cent of GDP.

The bulk of it is made up of £330 billion of government-backed loans for businesses. The other £20 billion takes the form of grants and other measures to help out small businesses.

Yet, this wasn’t the end of the stimulus or even a fully detailed response. It was about making it clear that the Government will bear the costs of this epidemic. Both Sunak and Boris Johnson deliberately reused a phrase of Mario Draghi’s, the head of the European Central Bank during the eurozone crisis, that they would do “whatever it takes”.

The intention was clear, to tell businesses not to panic. Indeed, nothing appears to be off the table. The Chancellor said he would consider giving cash directly to households, while relief for employers on National Insurance Contributions could also be on the way. Other tools used abroad, such as relief from household bills, remain in the armoury.

Even the Office for Budget Responsibility, the fiscal watchdog, has called for a “blunderbuss” response.

– Trillions and trillions and trillions –

The plan is also part of a broader, multi-trillion-dollar global response. The G7 had already promised to do “whatever it takes” and similar amounts of money have been thrown at the economy in Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

In the US, the figure is $850 billion and there could be hundreds of billions given directly to households – perhaps in the form of “helicopter money”, i.e. simply printed by the government and given to people rather than borrowed.

There has been some criticism of Sunak’s plan. The focus of yesterday’s announcements seemed to be companies and not individuals, while Britain awaits an announcement (which is coming) on help for renters. Mortgage holders have already been given a three-month payment holiday if they need it.

However, it does make sense to prioritise businesses right now, even if action for individuals needs to follow very quickly. There’s an urgent need to shore up confidence and prevent firms from laying off workers or going bust, neither of which would be good for individuals.

(Also still to come is action for airlines, airports, bus and railway companies. The Transport Secretary has said that some could be nationalised. Italy’s Alitalia is about to be bought by its government.)

– Stakes like no other –

Whatever the details, the Government has to act fast and act big. As Juliet Samuel explains in this excellent article, governments face an impossible choice between immense economic pain and a huge number of deaths. The scars of both will last a long time, but minimising the initial damage is the best way to reduce future pain.

If there was any lingering doubt as to the stakes in this fight, they will have been cleared by the words of Sir Patrick Vallance, the Chief Scientific Adviser, yesterday. He said that a “good outcome” could be considered keeping deaths at 20,000. It is for good reason that Johnson and Sunak are reaching for the wartime metaphors.


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  1. Tom74 says:

    Good piece. How many are going to lose their livelihoods and quality of life over a virus that healthy people easily recover from?
    Johnson and Farage were always stooges, probably for the banks, who are most likely behind this hyped-up ‘pandemic’ – as a cover for crashing asset prices and then demanding a bailout to ‘save the economy’.
    It is frightening how easily we are rolling over for fascism without a shot being fired. Now you know why those of us who voted Remain found Johnson and Farage so despicable.

    • Tapestry says:

      I agree Tom 74. But inside the EU would we have a better chance? I doubt it. I like the Mark Windows talk which gives a lot of information about this being a Global Plan all documented and explained on the World Economic Forum’s website, covering..

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