London’s rollin’, but not rockin’.

Our friends tell us that in London and Bristol people are still partying and ignoring the Corona hoax.  Is that your experience too?  Are Londoners impervious to media hype being subjected to so much of it every day of their lives?

Today in The Guardian.

There is “zero prospect” of a London lockdown involving limits on movement but new restrictions could be put in place on pubs and cafes to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the capital, the government has said.Boris Johnson’s comments that he was prepared to take “further and faster” action to deal with the virus led to widespread speculation that London was close to having much more restrictive measures.The spokesman said: “The PM has been clear that what we want people to do is follow the very good advice which is particularly pertinent in London that people should avoid unnecessary social contact so as to limit the spread of this disease and save lives.

The prime minister’s official spokesperson sought to quash overnight reports that there would be limits on transport or on who can enter or leave London, saying there was also no truth to reports that key workers would be asked to present papers to prove their status.

But with people still being asked to avoid congregating in public, details of new steps to slow the virus in London – where it is spreading faster than anywhere else in the UK – are expected to be released later and are likely to include new conditions on pubs, cafes, bars and theatres.

The spokesperson said: “There are no plans to close down the transport network in London and there is zero prospect of any restriction being placed on travelling in or out of London. The prime minister and his advisers have set out the need for social distancing measures to limit the spread of the virus and to protect lives.

“What we’re focused on is ensuring as many people as possible take that advice and don’t unnecessarily put themselves in a position where they could be spreading coronavirus.”


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