Italy enhances lockdown but work is still permitted.

Italian government ordered everyone across the country not to move around other than for work and emergencies, banned all public gatherings and suspended sporting events, including soccer matches.  Reuters.  9.3.2020

This is not patch on China’s lockdown which banned work as well.  China is already recovering.

Trump says CV has flu-like symptoms.  Why not be more specific?  It’s simply pneumonia under another name, as mandated by the WHO, which authorised the name change of pneumonia to Coronavirus.

5G makes oxygen harder to absorb and this can make a pneumonia more likely.  Where were the 5G testbeds?  Why – Wuhan in China and Milan in Italy.  Where are the Coronavirus (pneumonia) outbreaks strongest?  Proof if ever you needed any.

The economic gain to insiders from crashing the world’s stock markets is incalculable.  The political gain to the Democrats who want Trump gone is also a huge factor.  Not great for a human being, it has to be said, but at least let’s worry about the real attack coming our way from 5G, not the name change of a common disease, the strategy currently being played out in the media.


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