Is telling people the truth dangerous? Why?

That’s what one lady is telling me.  It not that she doubts the government reports saying Corona virus is no different to any other illness, and is not worth worrying about unduly.   Nor does she doubt the report from the Center for Disease Control in the USA saying the Corona test is giving false positives.  Add to that the known risks to old people with blood pressure issues, of being given anti-viral drugs, which are all admitted to by the drug manufacturers themsleves, and you wonder who is doing the killing here, if it’s not the virus.

My reply to her is as follows –

Tell President Trump.

I am only replying to questions and passing over the same GOVERNMENT AND AGENCY REPORTS that he is referring to. If those are not good enough then obviously no information can penetrate the fear that has been generated. There is a threat from the medical treatment given – the anti-virals. These threats and risks are ascertainable from the drug manufacturers themselves. They have been absolved of all potential legal liability when these drugs are given to people. It is admitted by government – the CDC in the USA – that the Corona test is faulty giving false positives. It is admitted by the drug manufacturers there are dangers in prescribing medicines to people – especially those with blood pressure issues. These are simply facts. Human beings are supposedly intelligent and are in theory capable of processing information responsibly. I hope the information which is publicly available is of help to people.

The UK government is choosing to ignore this information and is propagating needless fear – for what reason I will leave it to you to decide.


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