Is earth being controlled from another planet?

Why there are so many FAKE UFO clips on YouTube.

Try and find a GENUINE UFO clip on YouTube nowadays. You might get lucky and find one or two amongst thousands of CGI fake clips which are all monetised from channels which have duped and fooled millions of people and utterly destroyed PUBLIC CREDIBILITY in the UFO phenomenon…

YOUR TAXES have been used for decades to finance Pentagon & British Government psy-ops ‘black’ projects which seed bogus and ‘FUNNY HA HA’ type ‘Little Green Men’ stories in the mainstream media. Likewise, BILLIONS OF DOLLARS have been invested in SECRET SPACE PROGRAMS building laser-guided weapons and cameras which look into the ULTRAVIOLET wavelength in order to DETECT UFOS.

SECRET SPACE VOLUME 4 is a three hour documentary now streaming on the ENIGMA CHANNEL which shows for the first time all in one film HUNDREDS of UFOS in broad daylight, flying close to the ground, and at mind-blowing speeds, such as 3,000 Miles Per Hour. Every clip is GENUINE. 

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CHRIS EVERARD’S SECRET SPACE series of documentaries have mostly been banned from YouTube in recent years. This has been a massive cover-up. An ALIEN INVASION of these fast-moving ‘PROBES’ from another planet is going on RIGHT NOW. And I present this evidence with footage from 9 countries, and footage from NASA.

But that’s just the start – we also go deeper – much deeper – into prehistory and discover that the Hopi Indians, Moguls of India and many ancient people knew that not only UFOS were visiting planet earth, but they were making CROP CIRCLES and were controlled by ‘ANT PEOPLE’.

Thousands of TV shows & Movies. Not on YouTube. Not on Netflix.

SECRET SPACE Vol.IV is a new THREE HOUR in-depth documentary exposing the SECRET SPACE PROGRAM and shows clear evidence that planet Earth’s atmosphere has been invaded by HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of UFOs. You can stream parts 2 and 4 via the GumRoad Library, or log-in at our members site and see the first four parts of this new documentary film – click the MOVIES category and scroll to the bottom of the list to start watching SECRET SPACE Vol.IV – it’s available to everyone who has a current ENIGMA CHANNEL TV NETWORK SUBSCRIPTION.

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