Is Bill Gates Profiting From The Outbreak? Or Is Something Far More Sinister Taking Place?

MARCH 10, 2020 By Spiro Skouras

As we see what is now being called a global health emergency regarding the coronavirus continue to grow on a daily basis, we also see how the solutions to this crisis fall in line with pre-positioned plans and agendas.

In this report, we look at a potential solution offered by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which intends to provide at-home testing kits for those who believe they may have been exposed to, or may be possibly infected by the virus.

Is Bill Gates making money on this public health crisis? Or is there another motivation behind the 100 million dollars the foundation has donated to combat this outbreak?

Let’s examine this together…

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TAP – The panic is coincidental in time with launch of 5G.  As they launch 5G they will be testing it for what level of  power they can use.  The tests will be up to and beyond the point at which people collapse, and then they will lower the power level to the point at which it doesn’t kill so obviously.  While this is going on, they need a smokescreen, and that is the CV panic.

Evidence of 5G being deployed in the UK is people noticing dead bees everywhere.  I have seen a couple of dead bees myself recently outside our door.  I never saw this before.  Bees are known to be highly susceptible to high powered microwaves such as 5G.  People are reporting headaches.  And wondering what’s the cause.

In China they’ve more or less declared the CV epidemic over.  They’ve found the levels to run their 5G equipment at – so that it lowers population, cuts fertility and lowers life span but not too obviously.  They don’t need the CV cover story any longer.  While in Europe 5G is just beginning.



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