International Actions To Halt And Delay 5G

The growing awareness of the health impact of the 4G/5G densification is resulting in action by policymakers worldwide. Cities are issuing resolutions and calls for research before deployment. There are citizen organizations in almost every country working on this and a growing list of public officials speaking out.

For example, in the United States the state of New Hampshire has a 5G Bill HB 522 that asks, “Why have 1,000s of peer-reviewed studies, including the recently published U.S. Toxicology Program 16-year $30 million study, that are showing a wide range of statistically significant DNA damage, brain and heart tumors, infertility, and so many other ailments, being ignored by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC)?” and, “Why have more than 220 of the worlds leading scientists signed an appeal to the WHO and the United Nations to protect public health from wireless radiation and nothing has been done?”

EHT is compiling a list of actions. This is NOT a complete list. Please email EHT at info@ehtrust.orgto let us know actions we need to add. Note that US City actions are detailed on the EHT page on City 4G/5G policy.

A briefing paper by the European Parliament Think Tank “Effects of 5G wireless communication on human health

  • 11-02-2020/ The fifth generation of telecommunications technologies, 5G, is fundamental to achieving a European gigabit society by 2025. The aim to cover all urban areas, railways and major roads with uninterrupted fifth generation wireless communication can only be achieved by creating a very dense network of antennas and transmitters. In other words, the number of higher frequency base stations and other devices will increase significantly. This raises the question as to whether there is a negative impact on human health and environment from higher frequencies and billions of additional connections, which, according to research, will mean constant exposure for the whole population, including children. Whereas researchers generally consider such radio waves not to constitute a threat to the population, research to date has not addressed the constant exposure that 5G would introduce. Accordingly, a section of the scientific community considers that more research on the potential negative biological effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) and 5G is needed, notably on the incidence of some serious human diseases. A further consideration is the need to bring together researchers from different disciplines, in particular medicine and physics or engineering, to conduct further research into the effects of 5G. The EU’s current provisions on exposure to wireless signals, the Council Recommendation on the limitation of exposure of the general public to electromagnetic fields (0 Hz to 300 GHz), is now 20 years old, and thus does not take the specific technical characteristics of 5G into account.

 March 2020: Slovenia halts 5G

5G has been halted in Slovenia

Sloenia government websites

Official Government of the Republic of Slovenia web site page: Minister Rudi Medved: Questions regarding 5G are addressed from a health, ethical and safety point of view

Official public Slovenia Television web-site on Minister decision that negative effects of 5g are legit, also stating possible health effect:

A letter – in Slovenian and unofficial English translation on official Ministry of Public Administration memo and with Minister name on it stating legal basis for further 5g activities in Slovenia were withdrawn from Government meeting also due to possible health effects of 5g.

Slovenia stops the introduction of 5G technology: We do not know if it is dangerous to humans

Read more news report here: 

  • “The Agency for Networks and Communication Services (AKOS) of the Republic of Slovenia (regulatory body that regulates the communication sectors) has  been instructed to stop the assignment of the 5G frequency spectrum. The Slovenian moratorium is supported by the Slovenian Minister of Public Administration Rudy Medved, who in the division of the medical-scientific community on the biological effects of unexplored radio frequencies has opted for the adoption of the precautionary principle : “I am aware that we will not find a definitive answer, since there has not been one globally. 5G technology has not been established in practice to the extent that studies could produce results by which we could conclusively say that 5G is completely harmless . ” The decision came after the Ministry of Public Administration convened a public consultation on the security of 5G technologies together with Gregor Kos , president of the non-ideological political party For a healthy society and Igor Šajn of the ecological consultancy organization Biology and Construction.. The meeting, scheduled for four hours, lasted six hours. The Slovenian party website reads: “ Ban on the use of wifi  technology   in kindergartens, schools, hospitals, nursing homes and in the second phase of all public institutions. Moratorium on the introduction of 5G  based on  the precautionary principle,  thanks to sufficient scientific research to demonstrate the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation on human health, nature and the environment “.

PaPau New Guinea

1/2/2020 Post Courier: Minister Masiu halts 5g trials amid health risk debate  


The Kalamata City Council decided not to continue the 5G pilot program after a three hour debate.  News coverage: “The city council decided to suspend 5G in Kalamata


There are 26 counties in Ireland and 6 have voted to stop 5G.

Six County Councils: Clare, Roscommon, Leitrim, Wicklow, County Laois  and Sligo County Councils

Co Clare – June 2019 – Cllr Clare Colleran Molloy

  • “In light of a recent appeal to the EU from 180 scientists and doctors from 36 countries warning about the danger of 5G, which will lead to a massive increase in involuntary exposure to electromagnetic radiation, that Clare County Council in exercising its responsibility to protect the environment and the public from harm: opposes the roll-out of 5G in the County; and calls on CommReg to deny licensing for its roll-out; and calls on the Minister for Communication, Climate Change and the Environment, to establish a working group to establish the facts about the radiation impact of 5G on the environment & human health due to the current questionable scientific knowledge.”


Co. Roscommon – July 2019 – Cllr Orla Leyden:

  • “That Roscommon County Council opposes the (1) testing of 5G and the roll out of 5G in County Roscommon, (2) calls on ComReg to deny licencing for its rollout and (3) calls on the Minister for Communications, Climate Change and the Environment to establish the facts about the radiation impact of 5G on the environment and human health with reference to global scientific knowledge.”


Co. Leitrim – September 2019 – Cllr Justin Warnock:

  • “That Leitrim County Council, in exercising its responsibility to protect the environment and the public from harm, and in invoking the precautionary principle in relation to 5G, opposes the testing of 5G, the roll out of 5G, and any action that would facilitate the deployment of 5G in the County, calls on ComReg to deny licencing for its roll out, and calls on the Minister for Communications, Climate Change and the Environment to establish the facts about the radiation impact of 5G on the environment and human health with reference to global scientific knowledge.”

Co. Sligo – September 2019 – Cllrs Martin Baker, Michael Clarke, Martin Connolly, Gerard Mullaney, Dara Mulvey, Joe Queenan and Paul Taylor:

  • “That Sligo County Council delays (1) the testing of 5G and the roll-out of 5G in County Sligo (2) calls on ComReg to delay the licensing of its roll-out and (3) calls on the Minister for Communication, Climate Action and the Environment to establish the facts about the radiation impact of 5G, and to delay the roll-out across the country until a full assessment of the health and environmental implications are carried out with a report compiled and presented to the Oireachtas.”


Co. Wicklow – October 2019 – Cllr Tom Fortune and Mary Kavanagh

  • “Wicklow county Council has a social responsibility to serve, inform and protect the public and environment from exposure to harm, and therefore it opposes the roll-out of unregulated 5G in the county of Wicklow based on the precautionary principle pending the enactement by Dail Eireann of protective legislation. In the meantime, it is proposed that a 5G Advisory Council Committee or working group be established (including independent representatives) who would be mandated to report back to the Council on the potentially harmful effects of wireless EMF on the environment and in particular on our carbon footprint”

A vast number of Facebook pages (and online petitions) can be found in Ireland: Wireless technologies awareness Kinvara,  #Stop 5G Ireland, Stop 5G Monaghan – Ireland, Stop5GConnacht&Leinster, Stop 5G Cavan – Fermanagh, Stop 5G Roscommon, Stop 5G Waterford,  Stop 5G Kinsale & Surrounding Villages, Stop 5G Dublin, Stop 5G Donegal Public Group, Stop 5G Dingle, 5G awareness Dungarvan and An Rinn, Stop 5G Wexford,  5G Awareness Ireland, No5GNI.

County Laois – November 2019


Belgium, Brussels, Radiation concerns halt Brussels 5G development, for now, HLN Brussels Times, 01/04/2019


11/2019 The council of Bad Wiessee has unanimously decided to allow no 5G installations in the municipal territory. Read news reports at this link. 


As of February 2020 there were 142 municipalities in Italy opposing 5G. See a full list here. 

Scanzano Italy, Mayor of Scanzano (region Basilicata, where EHS people are exempt from medical co-payments) announces he is prohibiting 5G rollout on the basis of health concerns, quoting the precautionary principle and the need to protect electrosensitives. TV footage,  News: 5G hazardous to health: Scanzano Jonico forbids it 8/3/2019, The municipality of Scanzano Jonico has banned 5G trials to prevent health risks

Florence, Italy “It causes damage to the body!” Florence brakes on 5G and applies the Precautionary Principle. Motion in defense of health approved (almost) unanimous,  EXCLUSIVE NEWS OASI SANA, 05/04/2019

Florence, Italy Florence will use the precautionary principle for the rollout of 5G, Lennart Hardell’s Blog, 08/04/2019

XII Municipality of Rome, Italy A Municipality of Rome votes against 5G: what will the Giunta do? Terra Nuova, 28/03/2019

Municipality of Rocca di Papa, Italy 5G moratorium approved in Rocca di Papa (Rome), the city council deliberates on the precaution: “We do not authorize technologies that can aggravate the unhealthiness” EXCLUSIVE NEWS OASI SANA, 24/04/2019

Montecitori Palace, Rome, Italy Stop 5G: a parliamentary motion commits the Government to the moratorium, Ortica Web, 20/05/2019

Previously Oasis Sana reported the following actions by Mayors and municipalities in Italy  to halt 5G have been approved. For example:

  • Rome Capital City Hall XII APPROVED MOTION
  • Municipality of Florence MOTION APPROVED
  • Municipality of Rocca di Papa (Rome) RESOLVED APPROVED
  • Municipality of Savignano Irpino (Avellino ) RESOLVED APPROVED
  • Municipality of Viareggio (Lucca) RESOLVES APPROVED
  • Municipality of Cinto Euganeo (Padua) APPROVED RESOLUTION
  • Municipality of Cervaro (Frosinone) APPROVED RESOLUTION
  • Municipality of Fresagrandinaria (Chieti) MOTION APPROVED
  • Municipality of Conca Casale (Isernia) MOTION APPROVED
  • Municipality of Marsaglia (Cuneo) MOTION APPROVED
  • Municipality of Sesto Fiorentino (Florence) MOTION APPROVED
  • Municipality of Campiglia Cervo (Biella) RESOLUTION APPROVED
  • Municipality of San Gregorio Matese (Caserta) PROHIBITION OF THE MAYOR AT 5G
  • Note: Dozens of cities (over 140) have approved motions since this list was posted in 2019 and the full list can be found at the Italian Alliance to Stop 5G. 

6/24/2019 Oasis Sana: Mayors Stop 5G, here is the first Italian suspension order. And the list of 13 council resolutions and municipal motions for the precaution.


United Kingdom

The following City Councils have passed motions to halt 5G until safety data provided: Brighton, Hove, Devonshire, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, Frome, Totnes, Wells, Glastonbury, Trafford.

11/2019 Wells Somerset, England 

“This Council has a responsibility to protect the public and environment from exposure to harm, albeit unpredictable in the current state of scientific knowledge, and therefore opposes the roll-out of 5G in the Parish of Wells City Council – based on the ‘Precautionary Principle’ – until further information is revealed.” –Minutes of Wells City Council Meeting  

11/2019 Lampeter Town Council

October 21, 2019 Shepton Mallet, Somerset council blocks 5G roll out until ‘Government can prove its safe’

West Monkton Parish council in Taunton Somerset resolution tonight to apply the PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE to the rollout of 5G.

  • “Even though parish councils can’t stop 5G infrastructure coming into our communities, it sends out a clear signal to central government that there is an issue , it creates local awareness through media coverage, helps other councils to follow suit and creates a ripple affect and ground swell. Please 5G campaigners call you local parish clerk and ask to speak about 5G , which is normally 5 mins, mention that the precautionary principle has now been applied in Glastonbury, Frome, Sheppton Mallet, Wellington, West Monkton, Totnes and Kingsbridge.” Facebook link of residents sharing the news. 

10/2019: Brighton City Council bans 5G masts. 

10/2019: Hove City Council bans 5G masts. 

10/2019: UK, Devonshire officials ‘ban’ new installations.  

UK Frome, Somerset voted to apply the precautionary principle. 

  • News Reports: Frome could be second town in Somerset to oppose 5G roll-out due to health impact concerns
  • Frome Town Council discuss 5G: Town Council Website
    • “The hotly debated subject of 5G was discussed by Frome Town Councillors at July’s Council Meeting. The Councillors agreed the following recommendation: Frome Town Council has a moral responsibility to protect public health and the local environment. Until there is more independent scientific consensus that 5G wireless radiation is harmless to humans and the environment, FTC adopts the precautionary principle and will not endorse the rollout of 5G. Leader of the Council, Rich Ackroyd said, “Clearly Frome Town Council is not in a position to ban or allow 5G to go ahead in our town. Although our official position doesn’t endorse the rollout it does not mean that Frome Town Council is against 5G, simply that we’re exercising caution until we have more information available.” FTC has agreed to work alongside Glastonbury Town Council to keep abreast of any further developments.”

Totnes council issues moratorium on 5G. A Devon town has become one of the first in the country to try and prevent new 5G mobile phone networks being installed. Totnes Town Council does not have the power to stop new masts going up, but councilors said their moratorium sent the message that they did not want the technology in the town until there was evidence it was safe. Mayor of Totnes Jacqi Hodgson said it was another form of emissions that were not being monitored.” Read Totnes council protests 5G mobile phone networks

Glastonbury Town Opposes 5G: Glastonbury Town Councillors opposed the introduction of 5th Generation (5G) technology in Glastonbury until further information has been obtained on the health effects on residents. At the Glastonbury Town Council meeting on Tuesday 11th June a motion proposed by Cllr Mike Smyth and seconded by Cllr Jon Cousins read as follows:

“This council has a social responsibility to protect the public and environment from exposure to harm, albeit unpredictable in the current state of scientific knowledge, and therefore opposes the roll-out of 5G in the Parish of Glastonbury – based on the precautionary principle – until further information is revealed from a newly convened 5G advisory committee (working group)…..”Town Council challenges 5G, June 2019

England, Trafford, Trafford Council Rejects 5G, News4Trafford, 11/02/2019


Netherlands, Chamber wants radiation research first, then 5G network, AD News, 04/04/2019


Website of Organization: Movement for Technology Kind to Human (Gibanje za cloveku prijazno tehnologije) 


Russia, The Ministry of Defense refused to transmit to the operators the frequencies for 5G, Vedomosti, 28/03/2019


Dutch house of representatives is concerned about the health risks of radiation from the new 5G network. Political parties want to know as a matter of urgency what the 5G dangers are before 5G is rolled out on a large scale. Link



February 2020: The Financial Times just ran an article with the headlines, “Switzerland halts rollout of 5G over health concerns.” Silicon Republic quoted Switzerland’s environmental agency, Das Bundesamt für Umwelt (Bafu), the health agency focused on the issue stating said, “it would not be willing to allow the use of 5G without further testing for the potential impact of radiation.”

2019: Cantons of Geneva, Jura, Kriens, and Neuchatel vote to halt the  5G rollout (no new permits) until safety is shown. Canton of Vaud also issued a resolution but has been reluctant to implement their resolution. News reports state that 5G has been halted due to widespread protests. Switzerland’s government states they will start monitoring radiation levels.

Switzerland refuses to weaken radiofrequency radiation limits: A parliamentary motion demanding a weakening of the precautionary emission limitations for mobile phone base stations has been rejected by the Swiss Parliament, therefore the precautionary installation limit values in the ONIR remain at 4-6 V/m for this type of installations.

5G infrastructure halted

Massive protests in Bern 

“On September 21 last year, several thousand people demonstrated in Bern, on the Federal Square, against the new 5G mobile communication standard, considered dangerous for the health of the population, subjected according to protesters to “forced irradiation”.

Switzerland to monitor radiation levels amidst 5G rollout. 

“ Switzerland will introduce a monitoring system to assuage concerns about the potential health impact of fifth-generation (5G) mobile frequency emissions and smooth the cutting-edge technology’s rollout, the government said on Wednesday.

The cabinet agreed to have the federal environmental agency measure levels of so-called non-ionising radiation, assess the risks and regularly inform the public about its findings.”

 – Reuters April 2019

Switzerland to monitor radiation levels.

Jura, Switzerland adopts a resolution for a moratorium of 5G. “Jura Minister of the Environment David Eray believes that it is wise to delay and privilege the precautionary principle in relation to the effects of 5G on health.” Watch News Story.

Cantons of Geneva and Neuchatel officials vote to halt the  5G rollout (no new permits) until safety is shown. Canton of Vaud also issued a resolution but has been reluctant to implement their resolution.

In February 2020, the  Canton of Geneva introduced a three-year moratorium on 4G+ and 5G. The amendment to the law stipulates that any new installation will be subject to a permit during this period. This applies to both ‘4G+’ a.k.a. 1st wave 5G, operating at the 3.5 Gigahertz frequency, and 5G at 26 Gigahertz, which has not yet been rolled out in Switzerland. Read the news here 

Green Member of Parliament Sabine Glauser Krug in Vaud  “asks the State Council to strengthen information and awareness actions concerning non-ionizing radiation emissions.” Read online. 

News Reports

Silicon Republic, Switzerland’s environmental agency has called a halt to the switching on of 5G, but the country’s biggest telecoms company is still planning to roll out masts, 2/13/2020

Telecom Paper, Swiss municipality of Kriens stops approvals for 5G antennas,2/12/2020

Geneva, Canton of Vaud, Geneva stops construction of 5G antennas, 20 Minutes Switzerland, 11/04/2019

Geneva, Canton of Vaud, Geneva blocks the erection of 5G mobile antennas, le News Switzerland, 02/05/2019

Cantons of Geneva, Vaud, and Neuchatel, Switzerland blocks the deployment of 5G telephony until its security is demonstrated, ABC Society, 14/04/2019

Canton of Vaud, Swiss canton blocks 5G mobile rollout, le News Switzerland, 11/04/2019

Cantons of Geneva, Vaud, and Jura, May the antennas be built or not? Cantons complain of 5G chaos, Aargauer Zeitung, 5/22/2019

ZURICH (Reuters) – Switzerland, Switzerland to measure RFR levels and monitor potential health risks posed by 5G networks, KFGO, 17/04/2019

Switzerland (Reuters), Switzerland to monitor potential health risks posed by 5G networks, It News, 18/04/2019


The People of Geneva are fighting against 5G antennas, Tribune de Genève, 01 April 2019

In Switzerland, a task force of specialists is analyzing studies on the effects of 5G, Le Matin Dimanche, 31 March 2019


Australian Parliament opens up an Inquiry into 5G

  • On 13 September 2019 the Minister for Communications, Hon Paul Fletcher MP asked the Committee to inquire into and report on the deployment, adoption, and application of 5G in Australia. The Committee invites written submissions by Friday, 1 November 2019.

“Terms of Reference: The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Communications and the Arts will inquire into and report on the deployment, adoption, and application of 5G in Australia. 5G refers to the fifth generation of mobile technology, in line with the International Mobile Telecommunications-2020 (IMT-2020) Standard of the International Telecommunications Union and the associated releases of the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). The Committee will:1. Investigate the capability, capacity, and deployment of 5G; 2. Understand the application of 5G, including use cases for enterprise and government.

Matters relating to national security are out of scope for this Committee.”

8/9/ 2019: The Austrian parliament has commissioned study on 5G health effects

According to the Telecom Paper news report, “The Austrian parliament has commissioned a study into the health effects of 5G networks due to concerns among the public the new generation of mobile services could pose risks from increased radiation exposure.

The Advisory Council on Technology Assessment of the Austrian Parliament has decided to obtain expertise in the field and appointed a consortium of the Institute for Technology Assessment of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the Austrian Institute of Technology to conduct a study. The research institutes already provide the parliament with scientific advice on many topics.

The study is expected to be ready by January 2020, providing an overview of the latest research on the topic. The report will be published on the parliament’s website.


11/2019: The Kalamata City Council decided not to continue the 5G pilot program after a three hour debate.

  • “The City decided not to renew the contract with the telecommunications company-  a contract originally signed for the development of a 5G Pilot program. This is a result of a 6 month effort made by the people of Kalamata to stop the 5G deployment in their town,” stated Dr. Theodore Metsis who has been presenting across the country on the environmental and human health issues posed by 5G.
  • News coverage: “The city council decided to suspend 5G in Kalamata

September 19, 2019: Cyprus Medical Association and the Cyprus Committee on Environment and Children’s Health Submitted POSITION on 5G Deployment in Cyprus to Cyprus Parliamentary Committees on Environment and Health  

  • The position statement includes that exposure reduction must be regulated by legislation that must provide:
  • a.IMPLEMENTATION OF 5G-FREE PROTECTION ZONES for schools, playgrounds and hospitals. PROHIBITION of the use of wireless internet and wireless devices e.g. tablets and mobiles in kindergartens and schools at least up to the age of 15.


Large Protests in Cyprus Public health must be prioritised over phone companies’


 City Councils Banning or Halting 5G

March 2020; Keene New Hampshire halts 5G

Read the news article “New Hampshire City Council of Keene approves temporary 5G ban” 

“The council unanimously approved a separate motion, instructing staff to proceed with drafting an ordinance that would create location and design standards for small wireless facilities installed in public rights-of-way. Also known as small cells, these facilities can be used to roll out 5G, the next generation of mobile networks that boasts faster download and upload speeds, as well as previous generations.”

March 2020: Santa Barbara California Pauses 5G

Read news article Council Hits ‘Big Fat Pause Button’ on 5G Antennas” Santa Barbara City Council Reverses Course, Delays Vote on Verizon Licensing Agreement

Actions by US Cities to Restrict “Small Cells” and/or 5G

  • Petaluma, California, no Small Cell shall be within 500 feet of any residence.
  • Fairfax and Mill Valley California, small cells prohibited in residential zones
  • San Diego County, no small cells located within 1,000 feet of schools, child care centers, hospitals, or churches.
  • Mason, Ohio, No small cells in residential areas or within 100 feet of residential property
  • Burlington, Massachusetts, annual recertification fees for small cells.
  • Baton Rouge, Small cell deployment halted.  May 30, 2019, Baton Rouge mayor hits pause on AT&T’s ‘small cell’ towers after complaints from residents

See a full compilation of the US Cities issuing ordinances to slow the densification of 4/5G Antennas at this link USA Cities on 5G Small Cells Action.

California – Notable Court Ruling on Small Cells, California Supreme Court Sides with Cities in Small Cell Faceoff, Government Technology, 05/04/2019

Cities across the country are enacting ordinances to restrict cellular antenna deployment into neighborhoods near schools and homes.

Los Altos California: no antennas in residential areas, 500-foot setback for multi-family residences in commercial districts, 500 ft separation from schools, 1500 ft separation between nodes.

San Diego County, no small cells located within 300 feet of schools, childcare centers, hospitals, or churches, (1000 foot setback for schools was changed to 300 ft setback after industry lobbying), expanded ADA language- whereby sensitive individuals with disabilities and medical conditions who must avoid increased exposure to rf radiation may apply for and receive ADA accommodations such that small cells are not placed within a certain radius of their home or very nearby. Link 

Petaluma, California, no Small Cell shall be within 500 feet of any residence.

Fairfax and Mill Valley California, small cells prohibited in residential zones

Mason, Ohio, No small cells in residential areas or within 100 feet of residential property

Burlington, Massachusetts, annual recertification fees for small cells.

See a full compilation of the US Cities issuing ordinances to slow the densification of 4/5G Antennas at this link USA Cities on 5G Small Cells Action. 


US State Action

Watch a family speak about how 5G small cells impacted their health in the video below.

Towards Protective Laws on 5G, Wireless and Small Cells 

Passed: New Hampshire Bill 522: An act establishing a commission to study the environmental and health effects of evolving 5G technology which asks “Why have 1,000s of peer-reviewed studies, including the recently published U.S. Toxicology Program 16-year $30 million study, that are showing a wide range of statistically significant DNA damage, brain and heart tumors, infertility, and so many other ailments, being ignored by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC)?” and “Why are the FCC-sanctioned guidelines for public exposure to wireless radiation based only on the thermal effect on the temperature of the skin and do not account for the non- thermal, non-ionizing, biological effects of wireless radiation?”

Passed- Vermont: H.513 (Act 79) An act relating to broadband deployment throughout Vermont

  • Read section 24  of the full act which discusses wireless radiation and health concerns.
  • Sec. 24. WIRELESS TECHNOLOGIES; PUBLIC HEALTH REPORT (a) “On or before January 1, 2020, the Commissioner of Health shall submit to the Senate Committees on Health and Welfare and on Finance and the House Committees on Health Care and on Energy and Technology a report on the possible health consequences from exposure to the radio frequency fields produced by wireless technologies, including cellular telephones and FCCregulated transmitters. The report shall include a summary of available scientific data as well as a comparison of various emissions standards and guidelines.
  • (b) The purpose of this report is to provide policymakers and the general public information deemed significant by many Vermonters. It is not intended that the information gathered in the report be used to form the basis of policies that are inconsistent with federal law.”

Passed- Louisiana: The Louisiana House voted to have the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality and the Department of Health conduct a study on the effects of 5G technology, not just on the environment, but also public health. The Louisiana legislature passed House Resolution 145 with a vote of 103 in favor and zero representatives voting against the measure.

Passed -Oregon

The state of Oregon has passed SB 283 “A bill relating to exposure to radiation in schools in this state; and declaring an emergency.”  The Act states that the Oregon Health Authority shall:

  • Review peer-reviewed, independently funded scientific studies of the health effects of exposure to microwave radiation, particularly exposure that results from the use of wireless network technologies in schools or similar environments; and
  • Report the results of the review to an interim committee of the Legislative Assembly related to education not later than January 2, 2021.
  • The review described in paragraph (a) of this subsection must, at a minimum, consist of a literature review of peer-reviewed, independently funded scientific studies that examine the health effects of exposure to microwave radiation on children.
  • The Department of Education shall develop recommendations to schools in this state for practices and alternative technologies that would reduce students’ exposure to microwave radiation that the review described in subsection (1) of this section identifies as harmful.

SECTION 2. This 2019 Act being necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health, and safety, an emergency is declared to exist, and this 2019 Act takes effect on its passage.

Proposed State Laws

2020 Proposed: New York State Assemblyman, Thomas Abinanti, has introduced a bill New York Assembly Bill 8637 to study the health and environmental effects of evolving 5G technology.

11/2019 Chicago: State Sen. Suzy Glowiak Hilton seeks task force to study impacts of 5G networks

Proposed in 2019  New York State A08637: Establishes a temporary commission to study the environmental and health effects of evolving 5G technology.


Proposed– Montana Joint Resolution 13: “A JOINT RESOLUTION OF THE SENATE AND THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE STATE OF MONTANA URGING CONGRESS TO AMEND THE FEDERAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS ACT TO ACCOUNT FOR HEALTH EFFECTS OF SITING SMALL CELL NETWORK EQUIPMENT IN RESIDENTIAL AREAS”  which states “the State of Montana has long valued its healthy environment and the well-being of its citizens; and the siting of modern small cell network infrastructure in residential areas can create radiation exposure risks for citizens; and section 704 of the federal Telecommunications Act of 1996 prohibits state and local governments from regulating wireless service provider infrastructure sitting on the basis of environmental effects. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE AND THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE STATE OF MONTANA Congress be urged to amend the federal Telecommunications Act of 1996 to account for the health effects of sitting small cell network equipment in residential areas.”


United States Resolutions on 5G and Small Cells

2019: Wilton Manors Florida Resolution NO. 2019-064:  Urging Members of Congress to Oppose Senate Bill 1699 that streamlines 5G Small Cells and pre-empts local authority.

2019: Clearwater Florida 19-29 Resolution to Initiate A Scientific Study of 5G” the City of Clearwater believes it is in the best interest of its residents and visitors, as well as of all citizens, for the Federal Government to initiate a scientific review of the health and economic impact of 5G technology”

2019: Town of Hillsboro Beach Florida Resolution No. 2019-035 Opposes FL Senate Bill 1699  which preempts local control regarding Small Cell Deployment

2019: Carmel, Indiana: Resolution CC-10-21-19-03: Requests the Indiana State Legislature to take all necessary steps to thoroughly study the effects of 5G technology on humans and to immediately suspend the deployment and use of this technology in Indiana until scientific evidence conclusively establishes that it poses no harm to humans

Hallandale Beach Florida 5G Small Cell Tower Resolution: Read press release here. See the Hallandale Beach Florida Resolution here. 

Portland City Council in Oregon. The City unanimously approved a resolution calling for the Federal Communications Commission to study the health hazards of 5G technology. The resolution introduced by Commissioner Amanda Fritz said the FCC has not studied such risks, even though studies compiled and released by the European Union found cancer and other risks. Link

Greendale,  Wisconsin Resolution No. R2018-20 in November 2018The Board of Trustees of the Village of Greendale, County of Milwaukee, State of Wisconsin, passed Resolution No. R2018-20 in November 2018 in opposition to the FCC’s September 26, 2018 Order because the Order s an unprecedented attack on local control of Greendale’s largest asset, the public rights-of-way, for 5G technology; threatens the Village’s responsibility to protect the health, safety, and welfare of its residents; and threatens the Village of Greendale’s designation as a National Historic Landmark. The Village asked the FCC for changes that maintain a reasonable level of local control.  The Resolution was sent to the FCC and State and Federal officials. Resolution No. R2018-20 Greendale Wisconsin RESOLUTION RELATING TO EXPANDED USE OF PUBLIC RIGHT OF WAY BY WIRELESS PROVIDERS FOR 5G TECHNOLOGY AND OTHER WIRELESS SERVICES, AND ASKING FOR CHANGES THAT MAINTAIN A REASONABLE LEVEL OF LOCAL CONTROL

Increasing Awareness of 5G Health Effects Internationally


Citizen Petitions on 5G

(Please contact us with petition hyperlinked so we can paste your petition in.)

5G Appeal for Scientists and Doctors

5G Appeal to Stop Deployment on Earth and Space 

See a video on 5G from Australia

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Where can I find published research on 5G? 

Please go to EHTs page on peer-reviewed published research on 5G 

Where can I learn more about 5G? 

Read EHTs Top 20 Facts On 5G: What You Need To Know About 5G Wireless And “Small” Cells

Read the EMF Scientist Appeal in the European Journal of Oncology.

Letters from the US Congress asking for documentation of safety in regards to the 5G rollout

Letter from Senator Richard Blumenthal (Connecticut) and Rep Anna G. Eshoo (California) to the FCC 12/2018

Letter from Rep Thomas Suozzi (New York) to the FCC 4/2019

Letter from Rep. Peter A. DeFazio (Oregon) to the FCC 4/2019

Letter from Representative Andy Kim (New Jersey) to the FCC 4/2019


Chairman Pai’s Response to Members of Congress Regarding the Potential Impact of 5G Deployment on RF Exposure

Letter from the FCC to Senator Richard Blumenthal (Connecticut) and Rep Anna G. Eshoo (California)

Letter from the FCC to Rep Thomas Suozzi (New York)

Letter from the FCC to Rep. Peter A. DeFazio (Oregon)

Letter from the FCC to  Representative Andy Kim (New Jersey)

In a 2019 US Senate hearing on 5G where Blumenthal asks industry representatives about any research on the human health impact of 5G wireless technology and was told that industry is not supporting such research.

See Senator Richard Blumenthal’s Press Release “At Senate Commerce Hearing, Blumenthal Raises Concerns on 5G Wireless Technology’s Potential Health Risks.”

“I believe the American people deserve to know what the health effects are…We are flying blind here on health and safety”.

– Senator Richard Blumenthal




3 Responses to “International Actions To Halt And Delay 5G”

  1. stevie k says:

    Two good articles on the possible origins of the flu like symptoms and their links to 5G.

  2. Prometheus says:

    Keep your eye on the ball. That can’t be stressed enough.

    Too many people are being distracted instead of watching what is going on behind the scenes as they are desperately rolling out the real killer (followed by the vaccine):

  3. stevie k says:

    lt seems the effect of 5G especially in the 60 Ghz range which is being used inhibit the bodies ability to absorb oxygen and cause flu like symptoms. Could they be using this to create the plandemic and then justify the rollout of compulsory vaccination, the cashless society and more losses of freedoms. There seems to be some worth in the notion that “viruses” are not contagions but are part of the bodies immune response to toxicity from either pathogens or increased EMF exposure. l recommend Arthur Firstenbergs book The Invisible Rainbow for people to study the subject.

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