Government imbeciles destroying global economy.

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People are obeying these imbeciles.  Corporatism rules, not capitalism.  The state bails out the stock market, the gamblers with 1.5 trillion dollars.  Student loans across the US are 1.5 trillion dollars.  Bail them out?  No way.  The rich gamblers are all that matter.

40 deaths most of them in a nursing home in Washington.  A country of 350 million.  The greatest depression has begun.  The black swan is here.  Businesses are ruined.  Schools being closed down.  Banks are exposed to businesses and want bailing out.  They are bringing down the global economy.

72% less visitors to Australia.  Airlines.  Restaurants.  Concerts.  The employees.  How will they get money.  Americans are renting rather than buying houses.  There’s going to be a real estate crash where prices went highest.  Gatherings of people banned.

When all else fails they take you to war.  Iran in the cross hairs.

Online is the future.  Schools.  Colleges.  Schooling at home.

427 cases in New York.  No deaths.  They’re making this crap (Coronavirus) up.  Seattle turns into a ghost town.  Norway on lockdown.  No one died.

Restaurants across the world are struggling.  St Patricks Day cancelled.  Disney closed.  These things normally only happen in wartime.  Airlines teetering.  Fear and terror from Coronavirus.  In USA 40 deaths and they crash the whole economy.


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