Gold and silver are God’s money

Robert Kiyosaki says self-isolation is making people realize they got “screwed” by system

(Kitco News) – The market crashes from the pandemic has shown that some assets are “fake” said best-selling author Robert Kiyosaki, as “manipulated” assets are finally showing the American public how corrupt the capitalist system is.

“The good thing is, people as they sit in quarantine, as they lose their jobs, their homes, their pensions, their businesses and all this, I think they’re waking up at [the fact that] they’re being screwed,” Kiyosaki told Kitco News.

He added that stimulus measures from the Federal Reserve, which he has referred to as a “criminal organization,” are not helpful and in fact, are destroying the economy further.

His comments come as the Fed announced Monday it would commence “unlimited” quantitative easing, including a $300 billion package aimed towards the financial system.

“It’s socialism for the rich, as the poor middle class lose their jobs and businesses, and their savings, and their pensions. This is criminal, what’s happening,” he said. “It’s criminal capitalism.”

Kiyosaki called the recent quarantine “manufactured unemployment” as people are forced to stay home, some even losing their jobs.

“I can’t believe they actually quarantined people, and take their jobs away. This is martial law. This is a manufactured great depression. There was real unemployment [during the Great Depression], now they have to manufacture unemployment,” he said.

Institutions are capitalizing on the pandemic to steal the working class’s money via their pensions and investments, Kiyosaki added.

What worries him most is not health concerns from the virus, but potential civil unrest. He noted that the National Guard has already been deployed in some areas, “pretending to safeguard the toilet paper supply.”

On investments, owning gold and silver is crucial, especially during crisis times like these when physical bars and coins become scarce.

“Gold and silver are God’s money. They have been here since the Earth was formed. Your only counterparty is God, not the bank,” he said.


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