Way more people are dying of flu but that didn’t close down the world.


Overnight the Chinese locked down 50 million people and called it all a virus.

That’s where this thing started.

To be clear, nobody is arguing that people are dying.

Jon’s saying 5 people in Italy died *solely* due to Covid-19.

99.9% of those dying had chronic underlying conditions – and their average age was 81.

The PCR is the test being used to identify Corona Virus all over the world – where it is available.  What is this?

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They have no idea how great the viral load is, although they lie and say they can tell.  The PCR does not say how much virus is replicating in the human body.

The case numbers derived from the test are meaningless.  All over the world.  It’s a lie.  Completely unproven.

Have they even proved there is a new virus?  Jon sees no evidence of the Corona Virus having been discussed.

All the discussion about laboratories and viruses and weaponising, is undercut by the fact there is no evidence it has even been discovered.

China was doing CT scans on the lungs.  If they found any lung infection – pneumonia – they named it Corona.

Pneumonia can be caused by 50 different things – including air pollution.  Wuhan has highly toxic air pollution.

300,000 people in China die from pneumonia every year.  Give them a scan and call it Corona Virus.  Fake.

Overnight the Chinese locked down 50 million people and called it all a virus.

This triggered the interest of the WHO.  The lockdown was taken as a kind of proof that non-existent Corona Virus existed and was very dangerous.

Leading to an attack on everyone’s economies, making the nations easier to take over.

The most dangerous cartel on this planet is the medical cartel.

They know how to lay on a fake show.  They’ve locked in Trump.  Trump did not dare state that the medical cartel was fake news, even though he knows it to be.

The medical cartel has propaganda built up over 100 years.  Trump plans to live to fight another day.  While economies are closed.

The handouts are going to big time medical corporations, not the small guy.  The only way it all started is because the Chinese said it was happening.

Fake viruses.  Fake tests.  Real fear.  Next – the vaccines will come along.  That’s the hammer.

DNA vaccines is one approach being taken.   This is gene therapy – putting a synthesised gene into people, whose genetic make-up will be permanently changed by it, in unknown ways.

The other approach is RNA vaccine.  This could provoke an auto-immune reaction int he body by confusing the immune system.  The body starts treating part of itself as an invader.

Watch out for any vaccines being brought to market.


They did this before.  Swine flu virus in 2009.  ‘Been bio-engineered in a lab.  No defence against it’.  Turned out to be a dud, a dud, a dud, a dud.

Jon explains how a toxic event was covered over by calling it a virus.  They are in the habit as using virus stories to cover up what the corporations are truly up to.

Government and corporate crimes are covered up with stories of viruses.  People dying.  Polluted lands.  Stolen lands. etc etc.

The virus is all part of the corporate crime scene as the get out clause.

Their cover was blown by a reporter in CBS News, Sheryl Atkinson.  The CDC had secretly stopped counting Swine Flu cases, while stating on news that there tens of thousands of new cases of Swine flue.

The whole thing was a hoax.   Sheryl wrote the hoax up on the website, and instead of it going out on CBS evening news.  They shut down the story down and the whole investigation.  CDC published a release saying there 22 million cases of swine flu in America.

Economic devastation is one of the prime targets of the fake Corona Virus epidemic.  The right to peaceable assembly is overridden.  Political opposition to the government is cancelled in America overnight.  The fake virus the given reason.  ‘Social distancing’. ‘self-isolation’.  What are they talking about?

People are already becoming socially distant thanks to cellphones.  That trend is now ballooning out of control.  Keep using the internet but now stay at home doing it.  All of you go home and stay there.  That way people can’t share with each other what they truly feel about what’s happening.  This is psyop operation.  The payoff is wrecking economies.

We have to defeat this highly dangerous pathogen.  they say.  what about peoples’ jobs, businesses and incomes?

Schools shut.  Bars.  Restaurants.  Shut down everything that moves.  New York the greatest city in the world has empty streets.

This is a bloodless coup – the shifting of power from the people to the people in charge of the people.  They always want more of the power.

Central government wants to expand its power and is using this virus to do so – state of emergency.  for your own protection, for your own safety we’re shutting you down.

I’m not affected but I’m doing this for your own good.  The child is being put in his room and keep him there.

The children are doing what they are told – out of fear – believing the lies of this fake movie that we are in the middle of.

People cannot trust their government/criminals any more.  We must say NO.  This is not the way it’s going to go.

The children must grow up and tell the parents to stop.  Our experiment is freedom.  Their experiment is greater and greater control.


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  1. pete fairhurst says:

    Powerful stuff Tap and very well put. This is my reading of where we are now at too. I am most concerned about this blatant power grab, far more so than the “virus”
    More of the same here:

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