Get us back to work please

I have constantly pointed out to the government that closing down more than  a third of the economy for an unspecified period will put many people out of work, bankrupt many businesses and create hardship for people who lose their income. I suggested a number of measures to offset some of this damage. I am pleased to report that the government has announced a scheme to enable companies to furlough their staff, keep them on the payroll when  not working, with the government paying 80% of the cost for the period of shutdown up to an individual  pay ceiling. It has announced a similar scheme for many self employed people. It has also offered state guarantees for commercial banks to lend to keep companies with much reduced turnover going through the difficult period.

I welcome this big response, but do not think it goes far enough. I am trying to persuade the government to underwrite more jobs and incomes, and to make the payments earlier. Only if we keep company workforces in being can we be ready for recovery as soon as the restrictions are lifted.

I am also about to tackle the government on the all important timing of exit from these emergency measures. I understand cautious advisers wanting to stamp out the disease want maximum isolation for the maximum number of people for as long as possible. They are worried that if we lift the bans early with numbers ill falling there could be a second wave. The government, however, has to balance this risk against the undoubted substantial extra damage to jobs and incomes if we keep the closures in  being for too long.

John Redwood MP


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  1. stevie k says:

    There is no pandemic only planned panic, It’s akin to seasonal flu as they admit, the numbers are falling because the ‘flu season” is coming to an end and they can’t keep the con going much longer. I know you seem to like John Redwood Tap but he seems oblivious to the true reality, or is he just fake opposition for the slightly awake?

    • Belyi says:

      Totally agree with everything you say, Steve.

    • Tapestry says:

      Redwood is part alive and part brain dead. That’s ahead of most of them. Like is not a word I would use. But we need politicians prepared to speak on the right side of the argument. Just hold your nose! He is especially interested in economic matters and won’t go outside the conventional. Yet we need him right now. Use politicians like taxis. Don’t expect too much.

      • stevie k says:

        That is one viewpoint Tap, Redwood comes cross as an intelligent man, can l ask do you think he is aware of who’s really in charge and he’s just playing safe(doesn’t want to end up like JFK) or is he oblivious to the real power structure and thinks the pantomime in Westminster is all important?

  2. Tapestry says:

    I am sure he is aware of the true power structure but he has genuinely been an active eurosceptic over his political career and makes highly intelligent comments about the economy. I met him a couple of times. He is likeable and no doubt realised a long time ago that he has to operate within limits or be thrown out. That way he can achieve something rather than nothing. Whether we like it or not we need politicians and people who will speak for us. I use politicians like taxis. Right now Redwood wants to get back to work. So do I.

    • stevie k says:

      They might let us go back to work Henri but but l don’t think it’s going back to normal as we know it. They will still try to continue with the insidious rollout of 5G, probable mandatory vaccinations “to stop this happening again” and more restrictions on our freedoms. What with the colossal expenditure on 5G, the cost of all the assistance to businesses and individuals it just emphasises that we live in a private financial system where money is created to further their agenda but very little to further the needs of humanity.
      Also l would like your views on the possibility, backed up by a lot of research l might add, that viruses are not actual contagions that infect our bodies but are produced by our cells in order to cleanse toxicity. l had been aware of this for quite some time and there had been a couple of videos explaining this on you tube which have totally vanished, usually a sign that it’s good info, it all seems to tie in with the premise Covid 19 is nothing more than the effects of 5G poisoning of our bodies. An interesting article on the State of the Nation web site covers the effects of 5G worth a read.

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