Don’t do it Boris. Stand up against the Health Nazis

Like Churchill before him, his hero, Boris must stand up against a different and more dangerous type of Nazi – the health variety.  These are far more dangerous than the former totalitarians who merely wanted to overpower us, and stop Communism which British and American bankers inflicted on the world.  The new Nazis of the health variety want our economy destroyed, our possessions removed and our lives controlled from the cradle to the grave.  They will destroy our freedom totally.

They are demanding all kinds of things which are total nonsense as described in many previous posts, owing much to the research of Jon Rappoport.  If they close down the country into a total lockdown they will destroy hundreds of thousands of jobs, and many businesses will close.  Far more people will die from the stress and hardship this will create.  Of course destroying businesses and jobs is no problem to health Nazis.  The want the whole world reduced into their power and control.

The only thing that saves us from hundreds of thousands of viruses every day of our lives is our immune system.  This has worked well for millions of years and we don’t need anyone with bogus science trying to destroy our lives and undermine the immune system’s operation.   We need fresh air, sunshine, exercise and freedom of movement to keep ourselves well.

If we were at risk, and we are not, then I’d rather die free than live a slave to the Health Nazis.  Thank God Theresa May was got rid of.  She’d have surrendered already.  Johnson must show his mettle and find his Churchillian inner self.  Britain can stand alone if we have to.  Boris is the only politician who could hold them back as they tighten their noose around our necks.  Captain Mainwarings across the land should be ready to fight back and support him.  Our own Police appear sold out to the Nazis this time and are willing to arrest anyone over seventy who might want to take a walk in the fresh air.  This is totally illegal.  If we let them do this to 70 year olds, they will come down the age groups until we are all living like rats in a cage.

Someone in Scotland has decided not to go ahead with the over 70s plan.

Scotland will NOT tell over-70s to self-isolate

Scotland is not planning on isolating over-70s over coronavirus fears, the country’s Health Secretary has said.

The announcement comes after the UK’s Health Secretary Matt Hancock revealed elderly could be asked to self-isolate for up to four months in the coming weeks, in news that emerged from anonymous briefings.

But Jeane Freeman, the Scottish Health Secretary, said she was not planning on isolating the elderly but would instead be “asking them to reduce social contact”, PA reports.

Asked about whether Scotland would follow suit, Ms Freeman said: “The additional measures that we’ve always talked about are about reducing contact for those over 70 and in their eighties, asking them to reduce their social contact because they are one of the groups who are most at risk of this virus making them seriously ill.

“The other group is people who have underlying health conditions whose immune system is suppressed. “It’s not isolation, it’s asking them to reduce social contact.

“We don’t want people who are elderly to be stuck in their homes alone not contacting anyone, with their families not able to be in touch with them and to help them. “What were saying to them is, reduce your contact.”


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  1. pete fairhurst says:

    Hear hear! Very well said indeed Tap.

    These health nazis are a massive part of the Medical Cartel, which, as Jon Rappoport points out, is one, of THE most insidious parts of the New World Order.

    The very sad part is that the Cartel is ablyaided and abetted by of hordes well meaning, over trained, “professionals”. All of whom work in a very authoritarian structure. The head medical honchos are treated like god, as one of your recent posts demonstrated. The overtrained apparachiks never question their received policy from on high. It is pointless to argue with them too. They exhibit extreme congnitive dissonance if you do.

    The more senior medics are more open I find. They sometimes know the truth but usually keep quiet for the sake of their careers and sanity. They just get rid of you as fast as they can.

    Give me a natural practitioner every time. They can usually help and they never give you poisons for a “cure”

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