Dad’s Army not permitted to fight in Boris’ Corona War

In WW2 tens of thousands of men in their seventies answered the call to arms and rallied to the flag to protect the country’s women and children from invading Nazis by joining the Home Guard.  In today’s national call to arms to battle Corona Virus, women and children are being left to fight alone while Corporal Jones and his comrades are to be confined to barracks.

These same folk, male and female alike, were the massed ranks of Brexit voters who brought the UK out of the EU, backing OUT in the Referendum, UKIP in the general election and finally putting Boris into Downing Street.  Britain’s enemies can breathe a heavy sigh of relief as these militants are now to be removed from society, albeit temporarily.  Despite possessing the most robust immune systems within the population, they are no longer to be seen as equal citizens but as pathetic creatures who have to be locked away in fear of a virus which is no more than pneumonia (All pneumonia is classified as Corona Virus under World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines which is why it has managed to spread all over the world in two weeks).  They’d gladly give their lives to help their country, but are now to be marginalised, inconvenienced and humiliated.

Many people in their seventies are still at work, are active carers and guardians of children.  Typical of government to herd them all into a single category taking no account of individual circumstances.  What does Hancock know of people in their Seventies?   He looks about eighteen, a mere schoolboy.  No doubt he’s getting his lines from the same WHO that’s made this fiasco in the first place.

People over 70 will be instructed by the government to stay in strict isolation at home or in care homes for four months, under a “wartime-style” mobilisation effort by the government likely to be enforced within the next 20 days.

It is part of a series of measures being prepared by the prime minister, health secretary, chief medical officer and chief scientific adviser to prevent the health service from “falling over” and to save lives as Covid-19 becomes an epidemic in the UK.




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