Corona hoax. The Asian situation is no longer reported in the West.

China is clear.  Korea is clear.  Macau was clear a week before China was.  The Philippines has been given a date for unlocking in two weeks time.  The whole of that part of the world is winding down the hoax, just as London is ramping it up.

Why is this not reported?

Because it would unwind the fear people are being unnecessarily subjected to, and might halt the financial crash before the insiders have cleaned everyone out.  There could be other factors such as the deployment of 5G in British cities, needing a cover story as some people are killed by its introduction.  Is that why Britain needs a three month Corona Virus hoax period when Asians can get it all done in five weeks?  We are just slower at infrastructure.

The tests proving that people are dying of Corona in the UK and Italy are not scientific according to posts from Jon Rappoport and others, such as this one.

How many people actually have the Coronavirus? Possibly none at all.



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