Corona game covers up Treasury looting by the usual suspects

People are not taking this coronahoax seriously. A few timid and confused people are moping around in facemasks, washing their hands every ten minutes, and making sure to stand six feet away from everything, including lampposts and fire hydrants. But most people are bowing to government requests as little as possible. They aren’t ignoring the crisis blithely and conspicuously, as I am, but they are certainly not staying home. I was traveling in states that were allegedly under “lockdown”, but saw very few signs of it at ground level. People were out in their cars, jogging, playing golf, walking their dogs, and shopping at any place that would stay open to them. People were a bit edgy everywhere, understandably: this is being sold as not only as a pandemic but as the beginnings of an economic catastrophe. So unless you are absolutely certain it is a fake, it is hard to slough off completely.

But to me, it looked like most people are far more concerned about the economy than with actually contracting a fatal disease. Which makes sense, given that no one knows any real person who actually has it. The numbers are all second or third-hand, mostly through the lying media, but at best from someone who knows someone who knows someone. With one of those “someones” being a government agent paid to spread it. One of the most obvious new signs of the fake is the claim that 70% of corona deaths are men. Which would mean that men are more than twice as likely to die of it! Statistically, that is absolutely impossible, and has never before been heard of in any previous epidemic or pandemic. What possible explanation could there be for men being 2.3 times more likely to die of a type of flu? The mainstream is telling us it is because men smoke and drink more, which is really pathetic. They might as well tell us it is because men watch more sports on TV, and therefore sit on dirty infected sofas. Clearly, they manufactured this ridiculous statistic to try to scare men into buying the coronahoax. I see no sign of it working, since the majority of Americans are too mathematically illiterate to follow statistics, and the minority who can follow statistics are probably smart enough to intuit this one is fake. If you know anything about math, you know it has to make sense.

So, as my grandpa used to say, support for this is a mile wide and an inch deep. In the short-term, people are going along with this to go along, but that short-term is quickly running out. When people start feeling real effects from this, that support is going to quickly dry up. No, that is putting it mildly. Support isn’t just going to dry up, it is going to morph overnight into anger, and who knows what the spark will be. Any pin could pop this whole balloon in a second. What is more, I see signs of powerful people wanting to pop this balloon. As I have told you before, there is a split at or near the top, and this latest and worst big hoax does not have unanimous support from the big dogs. Many entire countries, including Mexico and Brazil, have opted out of the scam, and even Trump tried valiantly to opt out in the beginning. Yes, I said it. I am far from being a Trump supporter, and I don’t think this hoax is mainly pro-Trump or anti-Trump. It was manufactured to fry much bigger fish than that. But I do see signs that Trump— and therefore some faction of Intelligence/Government—is resisting it. This coronahoax has all the earmarks of a DHS/GatesFoundation/RockefellerFoundation project, but I think those guys pulled this without unanimous consent, which is dangerous.

CIA has blown DHS projects in the past, including Sandy Hook and many others, and if they decide to blow this one it could get very nasty. Which is to say, I see signs once again that the Families/PhoenicianNavy is split. A powerful faction is using this hoax to rape the worldwide treasuries again, in truly spectacular fashion, but another powerful faction does not approve. Some in this second faction don’t approve because they see worldwide treasuries as a zero-sum game: if Gates/DHS steals everything, there won’t be anything left for them. Others in this second faction don’t approve because they see the host being killed: there is only so much blood these vampires can suck from a body before it ceases to exist. And I generously suppose others in the second faction may actually have a conscience. But whatever the case may be, I see signs of hope, as usual. In these early stages, the pushback from the public has been minimal, but we have seen far greater pushback from certain world leaders. If the Intelligence community/Phoenician Navy were united on this, no one planted in positions of power would dare go against them, least of all Trump. So this web is lacking some very important strands, and may not hold up in a real wind. Especially if that old spider CIA starts chewing on threads. So I am still predicting an early end to this. There were signs of that as early as last Sunday, when word went out that everyone was getting well in China. I had thought the event would peak on 3/22, for obvious reasons, and it may have. Soon after that, Trump stepped up his “cure is worse than the illness” mantra, which was a sign in the same direction. Then he set a date for the end: Easter. A strange date to be chosen by a crypto-Jew, yes, but I have to give him credit where credit is due. But the hoaxers aren’t going down without a fight: they immediately attacked Trump with unbridled ferocity and put all the usual CDC/WHO stooges back on CNN/MSNBC etc telling us that was way too soon, blahblahblah. So that battle still has to play out in some fashion, one that is not really predictable.

Best guess is they will keep the hype very high for another week or so to finish off the thefts currently in process, then try to ease everyone back down to normal during April and May. You see, they can’t let this drag out too long: they need to drug everyone back into complacency and idiocy so that they can run the next big conjob this summer. These people haven’t gotten where they are by running one big event. That was old-school. That risks waking people up. No, they subsist on a never-ending series of events, with each new event used as cover for the last one. So they can’t let your attention rest anywhere for very long. You will be surprised how quickly this coronahoax fades into the past, giving the average person no time to figure out what happened or why. By the time John Doe figures out the current scam, he will be neck-deep in the even larger and more mysterious scam of . . . 2030. And he will have lived through an entire roller-coaster of other scams in the intervening decade, each more dark and confusing than the last. In this time, only one thing will remain consistent: the treasury will be pillaged like clockwork and everyone will be too busy following fake headlines to notice. Which reminds us that another mistake they have made is the canceling of major sporting events, including now the Olympics. Say they let this drag out until the summer, with everyone jobless and hobbyless for months, with nothing new to watch on TV. They run the risk that those people may sober up long enough to start asking questions, start talking to their neighbors, or start thinking for themselves. If that happens, who knows what might be next? At some point, those behind this project are going to realize what a colossal mistake they have made with this one, and I just hope that by then it is too late for them to paper over it in the usual ways. But it probably won’t be, as long people keep imbibing their fluoride, ingesting their valium, and massaging their cellphones.

And that brings us to the next problem: these jokers running this event are taking their own drugs, and they aren’t who they used to be. I keep telling people this isn’t 1929, and I mean by that several things. To start with, the American public isn’t what it was then. Yes, we are more complacent and more variously drugged, but even the dullest of us are savvy to government tricks. How could we not be: Hollywood has been schooling us on CIA tricks for decades, with a strange melange of entertainment/propaganda. We have seen everything from Gaslight to They Live, The Matrix to The Truman Show, Fight Club to The Game, Network to Jack Reacher, RED to The Village, 1984 to Soylent Green, Capricorn One to Planet of the Apes. And, although these films do what they were made to do—keeping us off the main scent—they also disclose huge levels and complex channels of government duplicity and corruption. Once these things have been admitted there is no going back to a more innocent time. If there is anything the American public is not, it is innocent.

And, as I said, the Great Oz ain’t what he used to be, either. He is far richer and more ubiquitous, but his successes have made him giddy and overconfident. Like you, he can no longer think straight. The poisons he has put in the food and water have ended up addling him as well, and he has to rely on a computer program to calculate risks. One thing computers are notoriously bad at, since they rely on input. Input from the addled. A computer is the perfect garbage-in garbage-out machine, and almost all human input is now garbage. TV is another perfect example of such a machine. It has become like a vast disease itself, a giant pusfilled infection on the ass of mankind. I only see it about once a year, so perhaps I am better able to gauge its acceleration into the abyss. Every year I am more amazed at the true horror of it, beyond anyone’s previous imagining. It is of the zombies, by the zombies, for the zombies. I don’t know the names of any of the new people on the news shows, and don’t want to know, but I have trouble believing anyone actually watches it. How much fluoride do you have to suck down to listen to these freakish people and believe them? How many valiums a day do you have to chew to think anything on the news is genuine or sincere? I recommend you go for a week without the drugs and you will see what I see: utter mendacity. Bad actors who are completely transparent. A bunch of ugly, revolting cousins camped out on-air spouting incredible nonsense with a knowing grin. I don’t have much more to say about corona at this time, since I refuse to take it seriously. They want us talking about it all the time, which is reason enough not to.

I simply repeat that it is yet another gigantic run on the worldwide treasuries by the usual people, this time with a fake pandemic as cover. Whatever trillion-dollar “stimulus” package they come up with will stimulate nothing but a longer and deeper pillaging of the American people, with the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. It will stimulate larger bank accounts for the billionaires and smaller bank accounts for you and me. I sat on this overnight as usual, and in the morning I awoke to headlines from Google, Getpocket, and the Atlantic on “timelines to normalcy”. You see how this confirms what I said above. They are already herding us back into “normalcy”, i.e. complacency and a false sense of security. They will push the idea that you were saved by scientists here and that you can go back to sleep. You will be so glad to have dodged that corona bullet, you won’t even think about asking where the billions went.

TAP – The hurling of the trillions at this crisis will bring in inflation on top of recession/depression.

You always get doctors dying as the news narrative during these fake epidemics.  I checked out the details of the doctor who dies today in Leicester – Dr Amged El Hawrani.  His death was reported in the local paper as follows –

A spokesperson for Amged’s family, said: “Amged was a loving and much-loved husband, son, father, brother, and friend. His greatest passions were his family and his profession, and he dedicated his life to both. He was the rock of our family, incredibly strong, compassionate, caring and giving. He always put everyone else before himself. We all turned to him when we needed support and he was always there for us. He had so many responsibilities and yet he never complained.

“Amged reached the very top of his profession and we know he made a difference to thousands of lives during his career. He viewed his role as a doctor as one of life’s most noble pursuits. He was also a leader, who educated many doctors who have subsequently become ENT consultants. We are incredibly proud of the legacy he has left behind and all that he has achieved.

“We would like to thank all those involved in his care for their kindness and compassion during his illness. They worked tirelessly for their patient, as he would have done for his own.

“Losing Amged is devastating for our family. Life without him is impossible to imagine but together, we will do all we can to honour his memory and live how he would have wanted us to.” ENDS

That’s great but why a spokesperson?  Who are his family?  Why are there no details which could be verified like names of children?

He is listed on as living in Yoxall, Burton On Trent, DE13 with Pamela Foley and three other people (different surnames) at an address in Alexandra Drive.  I won;t give the number publicly but it’s not hard to find.  She was a director of Surginet a company which was dissolved in 2015.  It’s fine by me if he did live with this lady but how do we tally the saintlike report of his life with his listed circumstances?  I am sceptical of medical deaths during epidemics as they are such good accelerators of the narrative.  Neither he nor Pamela have any social media presence which is another curiosity.  His picture he looks a lot younger than 55.  It could be an old picture of course and if he’s changing identity, it helps not to have a current picture with too many details circulating.  To be honest I doubt anyone would recognise him if he was switching, with so little detail or physical characteristics other than his face given to the public.

Loads of emotion but no detail makes me suspect this could be a fake, especially when the few details given don’t tally with the record online.


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