Christianity was designed by the Romans to hide true spiritual knowledge

The Illuminati and Dead Sea Scrolls

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The pope is a member of LOS ALLUMBRADOS – which means ‘The Illuminati’… This Vatican Illuminati cabal have worked hand-in-glove with the Israeli government to stop billions of people from knowing what the DEAD SEA SCROLLS actually say…

Discovered 75 years ago, the Dead Sea Scrolls contain ‘divine knowledge’ and the earliest known hand-written portions of the Bible – and some of that knowledge comes from a group who called themselves THE SONS OF DAWN…

One member of that group became famous – we know him today as JESUS…

The ‘Sons of Dawn’ have been CENSORED from history – but Chris Everard traces their writings, and the source of their mystical knowledge – which, amazingly, were PSYCHEDELIC PLANTS – yes, it was the hallucinations from these sacred weeds which inspired the Dead Sea Scrolls…

TAP.  I posted this as I quite like Christopher Everard’s work – his film especially, some of which is extremely eye-opening – more than his books to be honest.  Just my own take on that.  I have been searching for reasons why the Romans doctored the history of King Jesus (Ralph Ellis – King Jesus Trilogy) – Ellis’ research is totally persuasive that Jesus or Izas existed in the historical record, and the biblical account moved him forwards in time forty years and changed him from a King of a very rich country (Osrhoene) into the son of a poor family.  He was a warrior and a spiritual leader who had specific knowledge and beliefs which were not Christian.  (He reappeared in the mythology of King Arthur – who like Jesus fought a war against Rome and lost)

I witnessed the exorcism of our ancestral home by a Christian team driving out the demon that was plaguing our family over a very long period.  They worked using the name of Jesus and it worked well.  You can find the same on Youtube and elsewhere.  As the history of Jesus was doctored, and the biblical Jesus was a fabrication – based partly on Mithraism – why is his name so powerful in the spirit world?

If he was able to communicate telepathically with the forces of goodness, and overpower demons, that would have been of great concern to Rome, the City of Satan (Saturn) – which is why they deployed a huge army against him in Judaea commanded by Vespasian.  That power still exists when people call on it using ritual.  The nature of the plants used to communicate are revealed in The Dead Sea Scrolls which is why they have been suppressed by the Vatican.

Cover of one of Ralph Ellis’  books.  The crown of thorns was his usual headwear.



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