Business Plan for the world. Mark Windows. Virus is all part of it.

The business plan for the world.   People are being scared deliberately according to a computer model plan, admits Boris Johnson.  World Health Organisation preparedness and plan.  It is a psychological operation.  Planned roll-out through computer modelling.  In other words, he’s following orders.  It is being orchestrated from above national government level.  CV has ten times less death rate than flu virus at this time of year.

Problem of misdiagnosis.  False positive rate is 75%.  Even those diagnosed with it probably haven’t got it.

Clueless reporting in the media.   In fact it’s action plan.  Virus roll-out is part of new business plan for the world. UN, WHO and WEF. (Economic Forum)

Self-isolating, big changes to the way we live, climate change.  Global sustainable goals.  Smart cities.  Everyone to be driven out of private transport.  Remove all personal freedom.  Internet to be education base not schools.  All businesses to be climate risk assessed.  WEF website and look through it.  Increasing break-out of disease is climate change based they claim, and bio-diversity loss.

Global travel is too high under global action plan.  All trade to be controlled through world bank.  High density living the future.  This is not about health but about business.  Deforestation drives animals into human areas spreading diseases – massive red herring.

Asset prices could be vulnerable.  Only corporations that comply with world bank goals will be allowed to survive.

They want private investors to fund the vaccine.  Coalition for epidemic preparedness innovations – getting a vaccine ready.

All orchestrated from above government level.

Vaccines to stop future epidemics.  Martial Law rollout planned.

Advertising for investors into vaccines.  Raising $12 billion.  Need $2 billion for the vaccine and $10 billion for its distribution.

Globalist companies, NGOs, 5G, internet of things, Coronavirus, martial law, end private transport, demonise freedoms – emerging global business plan.  Sports personalities, agents trained in their thousands, repeating soundbites, business partners, – claiming to protect lives and livelihoods.  Global multi-stakeholder cooperation – rollout is unprecedented, not the virus.  Public/private cooperation.  International organisations like UN – hundreds of thousands of agents throughout the world.  They will try to vaccinate the whole world.  Micro-chipping the world.




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