Britain and the Corona Hoax.

Reading reports of deaths in Italy yesterday is alarming. As Jon Rappoport writes, these deaths are not all from one cause, and reports of deaths when the narrative requires numbers to rise needs to be examined particularly carefully.

A friend knows people in Italy and he says a husband and wife aged about 60 both died and were carried out of their apartment block. This is factual. The identification of the cause of death is supposition.

Reports blame Coronavirus obviously. What other causes are possible?

Has 5G been activated in this area, or water supply been tampered with, for example? There are many ways to make people die when you need the figures to increase to keep the scare story going.

How come in China there were surging numbers of deaths in Wuhan, the 5G testbed for exactly a month, then it all stopped and numbers are now minimal there?  The inhabitants were told in February it would all be over by March 10th and it was.  Was 5G started on full power, to test its kill potential?  Then it was turned down On March 10th.  That was the day before the crash was let loose in the markets.  There seems to be a clear link between the market crashes and the supposed virus, which Ron Paul calls a hoax.

In the Philippines, the whole country is in lockdown, but they’ve been given a date in April when it will all be over.  They don’t have 5G there, but they have very high density 4G and the microwaves are at very high power levels, especially in the cities.  The problem for poor people with no money and no work on lockdown will be hunger.  It’s a different problem than 5G but very dangerous for the people concerned.  My wife’s family have had to send all their employees home, but gave them 10K bags of rice and other food to help them through the no work period.  Next they will lend them money.

In Britain we have a creeping lockdown, which is easier to handle in some ways but we have been given no date for it to end. That could be a problem. Is 5G in Britain not ready to deploy and so they had to start the process later.  The world is moving ahead with the hoax, but our 5G systems are not yet ready? Our schools are closing, but no date for reopening is given including for the reopening next term.  We were told home working might have to continue even then.

The human race is under attack like never before.   I wish everyone the best in surviving what is being thrown at us.  I am looking out for the lift date for Britain’s creeping lockdown.  One financial report mentioned three months – that’s June.

Can we stop 5G?  Ask your Councillor.  He has a legal liability to keep his constituents safe in his Council’s Constitution.  Find the text and show it to him/her.  He can hold off 5G by refusing permission to use Council property and refusing to add tree felling terms in the road surfacing contracts with companies like Amey.  5G has never been proved to be safe by any test, so he would be in breach of his Constitutional duties if he/she agreed to the  release of 5G without proving it is safe first.  It will never be proved safe.

5G and the Corona Virus are all part of the sustainability agenda, the internet of things, the ending of private property and the reduction in human numbers.  Note how every part of the economy is being dismantled – property rental, retail, hospitality, finance, employment, schools – and maybe soon even hospitals as staff there self isolate.

The question is – will Councillors stop 5G in your area?  Ask them.

And when will the hoax be given its end date in Britain?  Let’s ask Mr Johnson.  Are we to be in this situation on an ongoing basis?  In fact are we to have the worst case of Corona hoax in the world?

How many people actually have the Coronavirus? Possibly none at all.


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