Arizona freezing, says Jordan Maxwell.

Flagstaff Arizona is freezing cold all the time, says Jordan Maxwell, where he lives.

He also believes the Corona as in virus comes from ‘The British Monarchy’.  Fear is the only way to control the people, he says.  ‘We must keep the people sick and afraid,’ said an official of the Democratic Party.  Don’t worry about the stock market, he says.

Mass holocaust is taking place in China with crematoria working 24/7.  China is demonic.  Killing more people than the Nazis.  Mao Tse Tung killed more people than all the rest of the tyrants put together.

Zombies are inserted into peoples’ minds in movies and so on so people think we’re just a bunch of zombies.  Government can herd us into FEMA camps, forced vaccination.  The word Corona means something – a military operation to kill people.  This is a weapon deployed against the Chinese government.  A psychological operation.  It’s an Illuminati operation.

A depopulation operation.  China and US both targeted.  Corona is the Illuminati clue.

TAP – Jordan Maxwell thinks the virus is potentially a powerful killer.  He doesn’t think it’s just a cover story for other methods of killing people as I do.


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