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I tried to post the definition of naive from
If you look at the comments you will see how I unpicked the algorithm that seemed to be triggered in this instance and context with the word “believe”.
This shows how to end run around such inconveniences but also exposes the methodology. Rather crude and easily defeated in this instance circumvented by splitting the trigger word with XXX.
e.g. belXXXieve  doesn’t register hence can be posted but believe triggers some system between my PC and the tap server which sends the whole comment to a dustbin on route. Equally software on either endpoint system might achieve the same result.
regards Ade

Adrian Waller

Wed, Mar 25, 7:00 PM (17 hours ago)

to me
I have pondered this and considered how one use such a system to achieve goals of censorship or upgrading downgrading a given text or subject matter.
One might give each site  a binary rating in terms of positive or negative reporting of any defined subject matter or person.
In terms of the word  believe and the context of C02 or the charming Greta tapnewswire would be in the negative on multiple counts.
Motive of the C02 profitteers is to obtain positive reporting and believers.
Thus as is demonstrated they are touchy re belief and in this instance comments can be blocked on the basis of negative rating plus the word itself.
Combining the two would provide a crude system to allow positive comments and sites but quash criticism and sites of the non believers or critics.


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