Their Goal Has Always Been to “Shut It Down”

For years now jews have been demanding that various things be shut down, especially the internet, so as to combat all the “hate” and “anti-semitism” running rampant. Now they have the excuse to shut down almost everything – the economy, public gatherings, internet sites they don’t like, etc. – all under the guise of fighting the coronavirus. Many places in the world are already under martial law, which is the ultimate shut down, even though very few people have actually died.

If there is any reality to the coronavirus, and it’s not just a combination of the regular flu and 5G, then it is a bioweapon brought to us by the same people who unleashed the StuxNet computer virus on the world. They appear to have been planning this all for a long, long time. They can use the Coronavirus as a scapegoat for the economic crash, so that people don’t blame the (((bankers))) like in 2008, as they make out like bandits.

They are running the old problem-reaction-solution model to further their agenda once again, but this time it seems like they are going all in. They are creating incredible chaos in order to institute their totalitarian order. This will give them the opportunity to finally get rid of the pesky first and second amendment here in America (along with other rights) and remove the last vestiges of freedom remaining in other countries around the world. They are playing for keeps.

If things keep going according to plan, everyone will need to be injected with a vaccine and microchip, just like in Bill Gates’ ID2020 program, or else they won’t be able to get their food rations. Everyone will be on lockdown, food and supplies may have to be delivered by Amazon, robots will be rolled out in a big way since they cannot be infected, and no one will be able to meet with each other to discuss the situation or protest. We will be isolated, making us all sitting ducks for the neo-NKVD, which could easily take out all of the political opposition to the jew world order without much resistance.

Many alternative news outlets, from Natural News to the Daily Stormer, are actually begging Trump to treat the American public in the same way China treated its citizens, so as to get the outbreak under control. We literally have people begging for Big Brother to put his boot on their faces.

I don’t know the solution to this all. It doesn’t look good. The best I can do is keeping telling you all the truth as I see it for as long as I can. Don’t trust the mainstream or alternative media. Try to verify all information for yourself. Keep your spirits high and don’t react solely based on fear. Our people have gotten through worse than this in the past and we can certainly overcome these obstacles. Keep struggling toward the light at the end of the tunnel and never give up, no matter how steep and slippery the climb might be.


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  1. Tapestry says:

    Coronavirus is pneumonia, not flu. The WHO mandated all pneumonia must be called Coronavirus which is how the disease spread. 5G was being tested in Wuhan leading to many deaths. They needed a cover story. Same in Milan. In the UK 5G is not yet ready to deploy so Coronavirus response is being delayed. It’s essentially a fake, and no problem to deal with when governments want it gone. In China it’s already well under control. As for the totalitarian state, let’s see. Imagine yourself free in your mind, where you will go for a walk, play and relax. Picture your children growing up. Keep these powerful images in your mind, and ignore the main media’s attempt to beat you down.

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