5G nightmare described.

This video gives you some idea of how far China is ahead with 5G.

They’re using 5G to remotely assess a patient’s condition now. There used to be a time when a doctor needed to physically examine you for serious infections or diseases. Now, the medical profession in China is apparently so good that they can diagnose you based on some grainy black and white images courtesy of 5G. That alone should raise serious questions on a proper diagnosis. I just love the way this news hit-piece is trying to make out that 5G is a benefit in tackling the coronavirus.

Notice how they mention that China has 130,000 cancerous 5G stations and that it could rise to 700,000 this year alone.

Then it’s suggested to use facial recognition to track down patients and their locality. There will be few areas of China left where you won’t be bombarded with deadly 5G rays in your own home, work-place or wherever you go shopping for instance. So, if you want to run away from the 5G cancer emitting masts then the stazi can still track you down and quarantine you.

This kind of prison-state mentality can only spread and get worse:



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