One Response to “5G LED stealth weapon system deployed on the streets of the UK”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    Notably in my area there has been an uptick in an apparently random sporadic program of lamp replacement in residential areas. “Random” that is unless you take into account what is necessary to build up a MESH network using data protocols similar to Zigbee.See network design docs.
    Of concern should be the maximum potential power output of these devices. A clue might be found if one checks the rating of the circuit breaker behind the cover at the base of the post. Larger than neccessary ie a 32A rather than a lower value in a new installation ( not retrofit ) might arouse suspiciion in the curious. Beam forming capability of transmission antenna rather than “omni” should also be viewed for its potential tp focus a transmission on a subject.

    At the very least this is an experiment on the public with zero consultation.

    Consider the numbers and the timing of the rollout prior to maximum viral fearmongering.

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