2020 the year they crash the markets?

The DJ Industrial Average Index fell 4000 points in a week from 29,500 approx.  If it goes again next week, and surely it will as the Coronavirus psyop is being played non-stop in the media, the value of worldwide shares could possibly fall by one third in two weeks.  Everyone’s known this will come for years now, and many expected last year to be the one that went down hard.

The Grand Solar Minimum is here and it’s sending weather all over the place, as predicted – nothing to do with man’s carbon footprint but all to do with the cycles of the sun.  It could last twenty or thirty years before stable weather re-establishes and seasons return to balance.  It seems the right time for the bankers to pull their next stunt and send the world into a panic.  They will be ready to buy everything they can as cheap as they can after selling off at the top of the markets.

Gold is holding well, while silver fell last week.  In 2008 both precious metals fell in the early part of the crash, but then they decoupled and rose rapidly while most other asset classes fell.  I wonder if the same will happen again this time.  If the stock markets recover again next week, then all bets that the crash is here are off.  Otherwise expect that we are now here and shares could fall up to 80/90% in the coming months/years.

Interest rates to go negative.  It will be a great time for those who have access to cash (insiders) but a very tough time for most.  The Grand Solar Minimum will drive up food prices, and make food more scarce.   5G will drive many to ill-health and infertility, and some to suicide.  The population will fall along with life expectancy, if 5G can’t be stopped.

The target of the demonic forces controlling the world is the human spirit.  That is always our most precious asset, as it survives our departure from the physical world.  Hold on to your spiritual strength through all the struggles being sent our way.  That way we will survive.  Then we drive the demons out and start all over again.  Stay strong.

My book describers the process we went through driving out demonic presences from our ancestral home.  The struggle to drive them out of power over the world has hardly begun, and until people awaken,  the demons will have a free run.  There is much to do.  To get more of a handle on the topic you might subscribe to www.enigmatv.com for a while.  No source is perfect but in there is much that shows what is really going on.


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