10 Years Ago and Now: Video Shows How Badly Biden’s Cognitive Health Has Declined


Crazy Uncle Joe


12 years ago Joe Biden was a wise-cracking Democrat politician on top of his game. Whether you liked him or not, nobody could deny he had a way with words and knew how to work a crowd. Fast forward to now, however, and the picture is not so rosy when it comes to the former vice president’s cognitive health.

The following videos have left many Americans demanding the Democrat presidential frontrunner take a mental health evaluation before taking any further part in the campaign.

For many Biden supporters, their image of Biden is anchored in this time from the past. But compare the 2007 Biden with the Biden campaigning to run against Trump in 2020, as shown in the following video compilation, and even Biden supporters will have to admit he should undergo a mental health evaluation.

WesternJournal report: The video from a 2007 broadcast shows Biden explaining his position in a cool and clear way. Even if you don’t agree with what he’s saying, it’s plain to see that he used to have an easy way with words and was comfortable working a crowd.

At one point in the video, his quick wit even has his fellow candidates laughing.

Now he’s nothing more than a third-rate crummy politician who should undergo a mental health evaluation.

For younger voters who don’t have much prior knowledge of Biden, it may be shocking to see the politician speak in clear and complete sentences in past video.

Compared with footage taken during his current campaign for the Oval Office, it’s hard to believe Joe Biden is the man now being filmed.

Now, 13 years later and in his late 70s, Biden struggles at times with remembering the names of people interviewing him and even what states he’s in.

The sheer number of gaffes is remarkable, and a compilation of the missteps is the only way to truly grasp the scale and diversity of the candidate’s mistakes.

It’s impossible for the public to accurately tell what’s going on with Biden.

One possibility is that two terms as vice president have taken their toll on the politician, a problem that is only made worse by a grueling 2020 campaign.

The campaign trail is unquestionably tough, with flights, long bus rides and constant public appearances causing stress that would wear on even the most vigorous people.

The former vice president is no longer the cool, quick-witted man who walked into the national spotlight more than ten years ago.

It’s unclear whether the worst of his gaffes, like a claim that he was arrested in a rebellion against apartheid in South Africa, are simply lies or something Biden believed actually happened.

With the Democratic 2020 candidates now whittled down to a few outlandish people, it appears leftist voters have the unenviable choice of deciding between avowed socialist Bernie Sanders and the increasingly incoherent Joe Biden.

Source: https://newspunch.com/10-years-ago-now-sad-video-shows-bidens-cognitive-health-declined/#disqus_thread



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