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The ether is an invisible cocoon surrounding each planet and each person and is the unseen field of ‘spirit’ which contains that ‘Guiding Voice in your head’ – the ether is a subtle electro-magnetic field, almost too feint to measure, which is the culmination of the electrical and magnetic firings between the synapses in your brain and the similar processes which go on in the minds of all living things on a planet. The ‘ether’ is where our closest deceased guiding grandparents speak to us from.

What I explain in my book is that the essence of teachings in the Kabbalah tradition of spirit communication teaches that the earthly physical plane is quite dense, and the higher and higher one travels into the Spirit World, reaching the Godhead, so the ‘ether’ becomes less and less dense.

Accordingly, this means that microwaves, 4G & 5G digital mobile phone transmissions and UHF Ultra High Frequency bands which transport television and radio signals have a distinct effect – in some cases scrambling – the majestic arrangement of layers of ether which exist – like the shell layers of an onion – around all beings and all planets and, indeed, around all stars. The ‘cocoon’ of the ‘aura’ around people is in effect a concentration of the ether. It is fluid, it is transparent and is intelligent.

A lady who I interviewed via telephone in 1992 told me that she had been receiving the odd verbal communication from a voice that she tuned into amongst the static radio waves on an old stereogram. She claimed that the voice most prominent amongst the chatter was her deceased son

She believed that her dead son was manipulating the sensitive radio wave circuitry in order to speak to her. Like I have done so many times, I used income from my book sales to fund a grant to her and so she remained in contact and able to record voices from the spirits and her son for several months during 1993.

This area of psychical communication is called the Electronic Voice Phenomenon, or EVP, and the research I have conducted, along with experienced EVP researchers around the world, inspired the Hollywood film White Noise starring Michael Keaton. The lady’s son described a smart and elegant arrangement of different ‘streams’ or layers of ether in the Spirit World, each stream containing millions, if not billions of spirits of people who formerly lived on the earth plane – he said that he was in the Golden Stream. In 1996, I joined the FREE TIBET campaign and met Tibetan monks in London who discussed with me the Tibetan Book of the Dead. In Tibetan tradition, many of these spirits eventually re-enter the body of a newborn baby – a phenomenon known as reincarnation – whilst others ascend and stay close to the Godhead, fusing, as it were, with the primeval spiritual life-force which is responsible for the Creation we see in the universe.

Chris Everard



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