They can’t ‘squelch’ word of mouth

I am Being Actively Censored

by Miles Mathis

First published February 12, 2020

If you don’t believe me, search on “Lincoln assassination was faked”. You would expect my paper to come up very high on that search, right, since I am the only one who has written a paper proving it. Who would/should be ahead of me on that search? Who has written a more important paper on that subject? Who else has written on that at all? Instead, I don’t come up, period. What does come up is a lot of lists of “most outlandish conspiracy theories” concerning the assassination. But I don’t make those lists either, despite the fact that my theory is far more revolutionary than any listed. Even my old nemesis RatWiki has a page for most outrageous Lincoln conspiracy theories, but doesn’t mention the theory it was faked from the ground up. I wonder why? I would suggest they have been ordered to suppress my paper on Lincoln, and that order supersedes even their order to slander me in as many ways as possible.

So much for freedom of speech in the United States.

You will say that I am not listed because my numbers are so low. If I am listed, it is on page 10,000 or something. So let’s test that theory. For one thing, we know my numbers are not low, since if we check my website rankings, they are astonishing high for a personal one-man website. See previous papers where I have published those numbers. I am getting ten of millions of hits a year, and I outrank RatWiki. Which is exactly why RatWiki and hundreds of other government-front outlets have been hired to slander me. But even if you don’t believe that, I can prove it to you another way. My actual title of that paper is “Lincoln’s Assassination was also Manufactured”. So you will tell me that is why I don’t come up in the search using the word “faked” or “fake”. OK, so do a search on the actual title, “Lincoln’s Assassination was also Manufactured”, including the quotation marks. The quotation marks should limit that search to results containing that exact series of words. What comes up? Nothing. No link to my paper, which has already gotten millions of hits and is reprinted all over the web. That proves that paper is being actively censored by Google. The only way you can find it on a Google search is if you type in both the title and my name. Which proves the spiders know it is there. But by requiring that, Google is preventing people who don’t already know about me from finding my papers. Which pretty much undercuts the whole point of a search or a search engine. Or an internet.

I was thinking of changing the title or adding a subtitle with the words faked and hoaxed, but as you see that wouldn’t help. If searching on the exact title won’t take you to my paper, no amount of subtitles will help.

You may find it interesting that not all my papers are censored to the same extent. The Lincoln paper is among the most censored. It is censored far beyond my paper on Charles Manson, for instance. If you do a basic search on Manson Murders were Faked, without quotations, you aren’t taken to my paper, but links/reprints of my paper come up on the first two search pages. Still, it is curious that reprints of my paper would outrank the paper itself. That makes no sense. I suppose they want to redirect traffic to sites where they can surround my paper with noise and misdirection. So let’s do an exact search on the title, The Tate Murders were a False Flag, without quotes. The entire front page is

page1image4077718160 page1image4077718496 page1image4077718768 page1image4077719040

links to my paper, but no listing of my actual paper. My paper doesn’t come up on the first five pages, although a link to a French translation of it does. Allan Weisbecker’s stupid open letter to me comes up on page five, but not my paper. Nowick Gray’s article on me comes up on page 9, but my paper is not listed in the top ten pages. So let’s try the same search with quotations. Finally, my paper comes up number 2. Since most people are not searching with quotation marks, that doesn’t help me much.

What about the Kennedy paper? No combination of “Kennedy hoax fake” gets you anywhere near my paper, due to thousands of fake papers clogging up that search. So we try Kennedy faked his death, without quotations. That search is clogged up by the recent QAnon theories, which was their function. But my paper again does not come up in the first ten pages. Which is strange, seeing that QAnon borrowed his ideas from me, then perverted them. QAnon is simply some CIA committee created to manufacture noise around my research and to try to drown it out. My paper is the most revolutionary paper written about Kennedy ever, and no one else even comes close. So let’s see if we can find it through the exact title. Let’s try Hidden Kings Kennedy. Yes, that gets us there, and I come up number one on the first page. But that doesn’t help me, since no one is going to be using that search term. Which is why they haven’t bothered to censor it.

Stranger still, my paper on Stephen Hawking being an imposter isn’t censored at all. If you search on Stephen Hawking Imposter, my paper comes up number three, behind two listings that are reporting my research. This tends to prove that my website is highly ranked overall, and that these searches generally do what they are supposed to do. This tells us that while Lincoln and Kennedy are very well protected by American Intel, Hawking isn’t. In fact, I would say someone besides me doesn’t like Hawking or his recent project. The 2018 article at the London Daily Mail would tend to confirm that, and would imply it is not just CIA that doesn’t like him, but MI5/6. I can’t really explain this, since you would think the same people that are running interference for Lincoln and Kennedy would be running interference for Hawking. But we find it isn’t so.

How protected is Hitler? Let’s find out. Let’s search on Beer Hall Putsch faked. That is more likely to take us to my paper than Hitler Gay Jewish Fake Hoax Actor or any terms like that. It doesn’t take us to my paper, but it does take us to a paper on that subject at, on page two of that search. Yes, weird title for a website. At first I thought this was someone linking to or retelling my research. Since he doesn’t mention me, I then thought it was someone cribbing my research. I checked the date: September 2017. Three years after my paper came out. But it is worse than that, since this person is trying to blackwash my research by repeating all my top points and then telling you at the end that Kermit Roosevelt was the actor who played not only Hitler, but also Walt Disney and Walter Cronkite. So he is pulling a DallasGoldBug on you, trying to surround me with noise. You see what he is doing if you read the article. The first 9/10s is sober and correct, mostly well written. But then, suddenly, at the end it is like the tone arm being jerked off the vinyl record with a screech. This guy who just told you all that truth about Hitler and war is now telling you he thinks Walt Disney and Walter Cronkite were the same person as Hitler. So you are going to dismiss him as a kook, and with him everything he just told you about the Beer Hall Putsch. You are going to flush all the truth he just told you, which is what he wanted. That is why he is there. He is making sure you do not accept what he just told you.

And who is he? Strangely, he posts a picture but no name.

page2image4078178464 page2image4078178800 page2image4078179072


There is a “view full profile” link, but it is empty. He says he is a novelist/independent researcher/creative writer/free thinker, but he gives you no name or bio. Nothing. He is a ghost. His picture cannot be saved or copied, and the only way I was able to capture it was with a screensave. I did so, so that you can see they are trying to scare us off by making us think this guy is some thick- necked military type. He looks Jewish, so I guess I am supposed to think he is a Mossad badass or something and beg off from exposing him. But they did the same thing with DallasGoldBug, posting a picture of some big lumbering guy who was supposed to be him, but wasn’t. It was all a bluff. My guess is the writer of this blog is some fat twinkie-eater like the guys at RatWiki. But even if he isn’t, I don’t care. If he were a 300lb streetfighter I would still expose him as a fraud, since that is what he is.

I have run across that picture before, but I can’t remember exactly where. Someone was recommending this guy to me an email, and I posted a warning about him in an older paper in passing.

But back to Hitler. Although my Hitler papers are among my most popular, there is no way to reach them through a normal websearch. The best thing I tried was “Beer Hall Putsch was Faked”, with quotations, which yielded two results, both of which were reprints or links to my Napoleon paper, in which I referred to my Putsch paper by those exact words. But my paper did not come up at all. And these results prove my point, since both surround me with noise. One result was for the Internet Archive, where several of my papers are republished without permission, and surrounded with papers on Satanism, pedophilia, and Swami Dhyani. The other goes to, which is also run by a ghost. The “about me” page is blank. It has no new content since 2017, but it also promotes Satanism, pizzagate, etc. It also reprints the book Ultimate Evil, which I have completely blown the cover of in my paper on the Unabomber (p. 16). So if this is a reader of mine, he isn’t a very good reader.

Let’s try another one. Let’s search on John Lennon Faked his Death. A reprint of my paper comes up number 2 on that, so it is not very protected. And then I found something I wasn’t aware of: a recent article at the comes up dated December 8, 2019, listed number 6 at Google. Author Simon Green leads by calling my theory “utterly bonkers”, but then ends up tacitly giving it fuel, linking to a youtube video of Staycer and admitting that most viewers are convinced that is Lennon. The article is very short and contains little or no argument it isn’t Lennon. This tends to confirm my belief that Lennon wants this attention, and that Intel is helping him get it.

page3image4080174784 page3image4080175056 page3image4080175328 page3image4080175664 page3image4080176208

The question is asked at Quora and it comes up on page 2 at Google, where we are assured he is not still alive. So they are making some effort to debunk it, but not much. The answers there are very weak, and no one takes the time to respond to anything I showed in that paper. There is a link out to Dublin Mick’s reprint of my paper, but it has been memoryholed. Also a link to PieceofMindful, which is ironic, given that Tokarski’s 2016 paper is very short, lifts everything from me, and doesn’t mention my 2014 paper once. We now know Tokarski is a scumbag agent hired to infiltrate me and slander me, since he has long since been outed. While my real numbers have continued to rise since 2018, his have gone into the toilet. Another response at Quora is mostly illegible, but I do note it is from a Kuehn, which means we have the Kohens doing their part here. Her links are also broken, since youtube has deleted them, but it appears she is promoting Fetzer’s response to me. We have also pegged him as an agent.

Finally, on page 5 of the search, we find a listing for my paper. So Lennon is not nearly as protected as Lincoln or Kennedy, I assume because Lennon wants the attention right now. After he dies, Google may clamp back down on my paper.

Let’s finish with another highly censored paper, my one on the Salem Witch Trials. Not only can you not reach it through a Google search on any combination of Salem Witch Trials Fake Hoax Psyop False Flag, you cannot reach it on a direct search on the title “The Salem Witch Trials were not what we have been told”, with quotations. Using that last method takes you to several reprints, the highest ranking again being at Stillchillinonhistory, but it does not take you to my own website.

So much for freedom of speech in the United States. You have it until you use it, at which point it mysteriously evaporates into the ether.

And I guess the mainstream now needs to explain why I am being censored, shadowed, infiltrated, slandered, and blackwashed. If my theories are really just “utterly bonkers”, why the need to spend so many man hours breaking links to me, calling me childish names, and telling outrageous lies about me? I am sure you know a couple of people who really are utterly bonkers. Does the government feel the need to censor them and slander them, to prevent them from getting their ideas in front of people? No, of course not. Ideas that are utterly bonkers fall apart from their own dead weight, don’t they? My ideas are the opposite of that, which is why they continue to gain momentum even while being anti- promoted like they are. Even while being censored and slandered, my numbers and popularity continue to rise, and we may suppose it is due to word of mouth—which the governors have not yet figured out how to squelch. So I tell you again: talk louder and more. Do not let the Phoenician navy and their hired wolves silence you. Share my papers, print them out, translate them, mirror them, and store them in safes.

Addendum February 14, 2020: I have gotten a lot of feedback on this from all over the world, and it now looks like Google is much worse than any other search engine, regarding this sort of censorship. They have gotten worse themselves in the past two years, and are now actively steering you away from any and all good information on all topics. So although we knew Google was always just an arm of the military/intelligence community, you should now write it off as totally compromised and counter- productive. I recommend you unselect it as your default search engine and replace it with anything else. I also recommend you boycott it in all other ways, including divesting in it. If you work there, quit. If you know someone who works there, shun them. If you are a hacker, target them. If you are a writer, expose them. If you are clairvoyant, send them bad energy. If you are religious, sic your gods and muses on them. If you are a magician, cast white spells on them. If you are a clown, pie them. If you are a dog, piss on their legs.



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