The world gets dumber by the day.  Morrisons Supermarkets to the fore.

We dropped into Morrisons, Shrewsbury on the way home from our son’s tennis to buy some Calpol for our one year old Selene who’s showing a little poorly tonight.

 My wife, thirty three year old Shane originally from the Philippines, went in and bought the things she needed, going through self check-out.  The assistant was called by the machine and would not allow her to go through as, in her opinion, she looked as if she might be under sixteen!

Shane showed all her bank cards and things that might suggest she was over sixteen, explaining about one year old Selene being ill, and other children being in the car, but the assistant would not budge.  Having no other ID, an exasperated Shane came out to the car and asked me to go in and sort it out, which I then attempted to do.

I am sixty five years of age and so being asked to show my age or ID would, I presumed be unlikely.  I had plenty of I.D. with me, in case!  I was also carrying the poorly Selene with me to show that the purchase was genuinely for a baby.  Our two sons came with me too.

Morrisons were still not willing to sell me the Calpol!!!

The reason given by the Manager Stacey was that I might be buying it for my wife, who might be under sixteen.

Unable to comprehend anything so stupid, we left all our shopping at Morrisons and went to Sainsburys who immediately accepted Shane’s reason that she needed the medicine for a sick baby and had no ID on her, if they were bothered.  They weren’t bothered seeing that Shane was obviously a little bit more than fifteen, having an eight year old son Sean who was with her – both at Morrisons and at Sainsburys.  How many fifteen year olds have eight year old children (not to mention sixty five year old husbands!)?

These are questions which should be included in Morrison future staff training courses.

Morrisons, regardless of the folly of the assistant in mistaking Shane’s age by twenty years, please talk to your staff about this next scenario.   If a sixty five year old parent with ID carrying a sick baby wants to buy some Calpol, I suggest you supply it.  I informed the staff that I was not impressed with their dogmatic ideology.  I was told their usual manager was away on holiday and they were only doing their jobs as instructed.  Morrisons, wake up!  You look ridiculous.  You are ridiculous.  May I suggest the company reviews how things are handled in future and that a parent of pensionable age carrying ID, is permitted to buy medicines for a sick child who is present at the time of purchase, and that mothers with eight year old children are no longer to be assessed as possibly being under sixteen years of age.

Either that or Morrisons must set an IQ level for the staff members who will have to apply these nonsensical rules in practice, and make them make sense in the real world, the one lived in by real live human beings from real families,  and place less reliance on their beloved machines and computers, not to mention their overrated lawyers.

Either that or just close your supermarkets.  It would not waste so much of peoples’ time dealing with such incomprehensible nonsense.  If this is the way Morrisons want their customer relationships to go, then count us out please.  Let’s hope common sense returns when the manager (pictured above) finally gets back from Acapulco.  Surely he doesn’t want to alienate his clientele and drive everyone out of his store with his loyal staff mouthing incomprehensible gobbledygook.




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  1. stevie k says:

    Sad to say but the vast majority of the population have been reduced to the level of robotic morons. l despair of most people they can’t think for themselves.

  2. Tapestry says:

    While agreeing, Stevie K, I hope that writing about my experiences helps people to start thinking about what their corporate or government employers are making them do, and they can rediscover their own minds. We have to speak out every time we see the encroaching blindness, or we’re cooperating with it.

    • Gordon says:

      Couldn’t agree more.
      A couple of months ago I wished to buy more tropical fish and as a new national pet store had not long opened in Treedmouth I thought I’d give them a go.

      After deciding what tropical fish I fancied the shop assistant asked for my name, address, telephone number and email address. I asked him why he wanted this information to which he replied “it was company policy”. Of course I knew what the game was and asked again and got the same reply. I explained to the assistant that I go shopping to Morrisons and nobody at the tills have ever asks me for what he was asking to which he replied yet again it was company policy. I told him to keep his company policy and his tropical fish and walk out the store.

      I went along to my usual pet store at Berwick Garden Centre, had a chat and banter with the girls and a cup of coffee, bought the fish I wanted without the third degree and have stayed clear of the national pet store ever since.

      • Tapestry says:

        Nice one, Gordon! This topic is doing the rounds here and there, and I can read the comments from different people – mostly sympathetic to our being told to get lost with no food and a sick baby in the middle of the night. Shane has never been asked for ID before – been buying Calpol for eight years no problem. The store was pretty empty due to the floods and maybe the staff were bored, needing some regulatory action to fill their day. Not nice, whatever their motivation.

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