The day a coronavirus vaccine is available, the U.S. media will start exploding with pandemic fear stories

Once you realize this, you also realize it’s coming to America. They’re trying to hold it off as long as possible until the vaccine is commercially ready, but once the vaccine is done, the media will start hyping the pandemic with total doom and gloom, claiming the vaccine industry will be the savior of mankind and blaming any new infections on “anti-vaxxers.”

Trust me, that day is coming. The narrative is already scripted. They already tested it with the Zika virus, remember? All the media scare stories about children being born with shrunken heads across America turned out to be complete fiction. They made it all up. Total fiction.

But when it comes to a real pandemic, until the vaccine is ready we will all be told there’s nothing to worry about. China has it all under control, we’ll be told, and communists are very trustworthy and honest, according to the totally discredited WHO.

TAP – the way people in China are dying looks nothing like a virus or pneumonia.  Perfectly healthy people are collapsing and convulsing.  This is more consistent with exposure to microwaves –  5G microwaves.  Flocks of birds fall from the sky when so exposed so why not humans reacting similarly?  The local government is putting people away into ‘hospitals’ where no one ever emerges alive.  If they can muddle up deaths from a new vaccine to make people think the victims are also coronavirus deaths, they can achieve a huge haul from one media managed event.

CHINA HOSPITAL (PRISON) – WELCOME TO H*LL! The world’s first 5G human killing zone.


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