The Crimes of the Allies Far Exceed Those of the Third Reich: The Fate of post-WWII Germans Deported from their Homes

At the end of World War II in violation of the Atlantic Charter, between 12 and 19 million Germans were expelled from their long-established homes in East Prussia, Pomerania, Brandenburg, Silesia, Memel and the Baltic states, Danzig, Poland, Czechoslovakia (Sudetenland), Hungary, Yugoslavia, and Romania.

This mass expulsion of ethnic Germans from their homes was going on while the Nuremberg trials were prosecuting officials of the German Third Reich for mass deportations of Jews and Gypsies.

The allied expulsions of Germans exceeds in number the deportations by the Third Reich. Unlike the Israelis, the German government does not demand reparations for the dispossessed Germans. Instead of being compensated for their dispossession, the Germans pay compensation to the Jews, and the amount rises over time.

Millions Of Germans Killed After World War Ii

The number of Germans who died from the crimes inflicted on them during the expulsions rival the number of holocaust victims and is better documented. Estimates are that 25% of German expellees died in the process. That could be as many as 4,750,000.

While as many as nearly 5 million German expellees were dying from the starvation, exposure, and murder that characterized their deportation, the French chief prosecutor at Nuremberg sanctimoniously declared deportations by the Third Reich to be “one of the horrors of our century.”

11 Million Germans Were Murdered After WWII

During World War II the Americans expelled Japanese-Americans from their homes and businesses and kept them in concentration camps.

The Israelis have been deporting Palestinians from Palestine since 1947. Gaza today is the largest concentration camp in world history.

Stalin deported millions of Russians to the Gulags where they died from over-work, under-nurishment, and exposure.

But only Germans were punished for deportations.

The post-war mass deportations of Germans supports Hitler’s view that ethnic Germans needed to be gathered into one territory for their protection. Today ethnic Germans are being displaced in their own country by Third World peoples brought into Germany by Germany’s anti-German political leadership.

Indeed, all of Europe has anti-ethnic European leadership. The anti-European leaders of Europe are erasing Europe.

This is the last century of European peoples. By the end of this century, European people and European culture will not exist. A leaderless people cannot survive.

While reading chapter 6, keep in mind that you are not reading John Wear’s opinion. You are reading facts documented by many historians and published by Harvard University Press, Yale University Press, Basic Books, and Palgrave Macmillan.

You can read more in the book “GERMANY’S WAR: The Origins, Aftermath & Atrocities of World War II

By Paul Craig Roberts, Guest writer



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  1. tapnewswiremember says:

    This has vanished from the internet after rumormillnews was hacked.
    But I saved a copy in a private forum.
    Obviously I can’t verify if it’s true….

    okay i am blowing the whistle on this one.

    the Holocaust was invented by Churchill and Ike to cover up biological warfare that was outlawed.

    the RAF and the 8th air force bombed europe out of existence with carpet bombing. they took out the water and sewer sevices then they dropped parasite infested head lice all across europe. the head lice infected the people. when a person is infected they start losing weight become ill to the point they cant keep anything they eat down or if they do it goes right on through with diarrhea. they cant put on weight and they die of starvation unless the parasites are killed out of their system. without treatment 98% died. those who died their bodies were contagious . the only way to dispose of them was to burn the bodies.

    it is a historical fact that were ever the german army went they set up public delousing stations for all the people in the area. they went door to door. and all internment camp internees and pows were put thru delousing stations. those with symptoms of infestation were tested and quarantined to prevent the entire camp from getting infested.

    you might ask how i know this well my uncle was a medic assigned to one of those liberated mid 46 he was given leave to be close to my aunt who was about to give birth to their second child. he came home infested and infected. he infected my cousin who was 2. my uncle got sick and could not return to duty in europe he weighted over 200 and lost down to 98 lbs before the VA stabilized him. my cousin was not so lucky 3 months after infestation he died on my parents living room floor from acute dehydration, vomiting and diarrhea. when i asked my uncle about it he said it was a war secret he could not talk about now, this was in the mid 60s when i asked him. in 73 when dying of cancer he told me the whole story. he said the germans were working hard to find a treatment to stop the infestation but did not have a clue. 60 million dead Europeons from this and it was covered up. the jewish people had a higher death rate than other non jewish people.

    this is the truth as i know it based upon a death bed eye witness to theevidence. the Holocost did happen but not the way the history books say which were written by the victors. the Nuramburg trials were done to coverup the truth and sell the lies.
    End quote

    I also offer this for your perusal:

    The Britsh actually dropped “bug bombs” on Nazi Germany during World War ll. Churchill himself authorised it, according to the secret files I read. I interviewed Germans who described how they were called out of school to pick potato bugs off their potato crop.
    End quote.

    Ya, that Winston Churchill was one nasty piece of work. He also deliberately let millions of Indians starve to death because he was a racist

    But he’s been forgiven and he’s being rehabilitated. I met a healer in 2010 who told me he is one of her guides. She calls him Winny. I had booked a session with her and she told me to buy one or more of her books before the session so that I have an understanding of her rather unusual healing technique. When I got to the part of her book where she said Winston Churchill is one of her guides, I had the sensation that the guy was in the room. I told her this when I showed up for the session and she laughed, saying her clients tend to report this to her. It seems that he does a recce of her clients before they show up for their sessions. LOL!

  2. sharphelix says:

    Mass Starvation of Germans, 1945-1950 (Eisenhower’s Death Camps)
    [back] Genocide Food as a Weapon of War Allied War Crimes

    [More than nine million Germans died as a result of deliberate Allied starvation and expulsion policies after the Second World War, including 1.5-2 million German prisoners, which is the alleged number that died in Auschwitz. Architect–Morgenthau.]

    See: Allied War Crimes US based Concentration Camps for Germans Concentration Camp (USA) Concentration Camps (Boer War) Concentration Camps (Holocaust)
    See: Eisenhower Churchill

    [2013] Rhine meadow camps in summer 1945 (part 1)

    [2012 June] The European Atrocity You Never Heard About An estimated 500,000 people died in the course of the organized expulsions; survivors were left in Allied-occupied Germany to fend for themselves.

    Allied War Crimes 1941-1950 by Rixon Stewart

    [2008] Eisenhower’s Holocaust – His Slaughter Of 1.7 Million Germans .. German POWs had to dig holes for shelter

    [1989] Eisenhower’s Death Camps. The Last Dirty Secret of World War Two by James Bacque

    War Crimes: USA by Lt. Col. Gordon “Jack” Mohr, AUS Ret.

    In ‘Eisenhower痴 Death Camps’: A U.S. Prison Guard Remembers

    New Book Details Mass Killings and Brutal Mistreatment of Germans at the End of World War Two

    A Review of James Bacque’s “Crimes and Mercies: The Fate of German Civilians Under Allied Occupation 1944-1950″ by Eric Blair


    Eisenhower Telegram to the War Department, 18 October 1945

    [2000] HOW ALLIES TREATED GERMAN POWs by Michael Walsh

    In ‘Eisenhower痴 Death Camps’: A U.S. Prison Guard Remembers

    [2014 Book, Film] Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947 by Thomas Goodrich

    [2007] After the Reich: The Brutal History of Allied Occupation by Giles MacDonogh
    REVIEW Review

    [2003] Crimes and Mercies: The Fate of German Civilians Under Allied Occupation 1944-1950 by James Bacque More than nine million Germans died as a result of deliberate Allied starvation and expulsion policies after the Second World War

    [1989] Other Losses by James Bacque

    [1988] Nemesis at Potsdam: The Expulsion of the Germans from the East by Alfred M. de Zayas

    Mass Starvation of Germans, 1945-1950

    See: Eisenhower Holocaust revisionism

    According to Bacque between 1941 and 1950 around one and a half to two million German prisoners of war died, whilst a further five million seven hundred thousand German civilians died between 1946 and 1950, largely, Bacque maintains, as a result of Allied policy. In all Bacques estimates that between nine and half and fourteen million ethnic Germans, German prisoners of war and civilians were to die in these iniquities. Part of the blame for this can be laid at the feet of Josef Stalin who, through his propaganda minister, Ilya Ehrenburg, actually encouraged the rape and degradation of the German civilian population. Allied War Crimes 1941-1950 by Rixon Stewart

    …”it is hard to escape the conclusion that Dwight Eisenhower was a war criminal of epic proportions. His (DEF) policy killed more Germans in peace than were killed in the European Theater.” [2008] Eisenhower’s Holocaust – His Slaughter Of 1.7 Million Germans.

  3. sharphelix says:

    When we went to the lavatory we had to run through a lane of Americans who struck us with straps, brooms, cudgels, buckets, belts, and pistol holders to make us fall down. Our head, eyes, body, belly, and genitals were violently injured. A man stood inside the lavatory to beat us and spit on us. We returned to our cells through the same ordeal. The temperature in the cells was 140 Fahrenheit or more. During the first three days we were given only one cup of water and a small slice of bread. During the first days we perspired all the time, then perspiration stopped. We were kept standing chained back to back for hours. We suffered terribly from thirst, blood stagnation and mortification of the hands. From time to time water was poured on the almost red-hot radiators, filling the cells with steam, so that we could hardly breathe. During all this time the cells were in darkness, except when the American soldiers entered and switched on electric bulbs … which forced us to close our eyes.

    Our thirst became more and more cruel, so that our lips cracked, our tongues were stiff, and we eventually became apathetic, or raved, or collapsed.

    After enduring this torture for several days, we were given a small blanket to cover our nakedness, and driven to the courtyard outside. The uneven soil was covered with pebbles and slag and we were again beaten and finally driven back on our smashed and bleeding feet. While out of breath, burning cigarettes were pushed into our mouths, and each of us was forced to eat three or four of them. Meanwhile the American soldiers continued to hit us on eyes, head, and ears. Back in our cells we were pushed against burning radiators, so that our skin was blistered.

    For thirteen days and nights we received the same treatment, tortured by heat and thirst. When we begged for water, our guards mocked us. When we fainted we were revived by being drenched with cold water. There was dirt everywhere and we were never allowed to wash, our inflamed eyes gave us terrible pain, we fainted continuously.

    Every twenty minutes or so our cell doors were opened and the soldiers insulted and hit us. Whenever the doors were opened we had to stand still with our backs to the door. Two plates of food, spiced with salt, pepper, and mustard to make us thirstier, were given us daily. We ate in the dark on the floor. The thirst was the most terrible of all our tortures and we could not sleep.

  4. sharphelix says:

    Germanys unforgivable crime before WW2 was its attempt to loosen its economy out of the world trade system and to build up an own exchange system from which the world-finance couldnt profit anymore. …We butchered the wrong pig.” – Winston Churchill, The second World War (Bern, 1960)

  5. sharphelix says:

    I’d rather be 10 years in a German camp than one day in a Polish one.[15]

    Senator Kenneth Wherry of Nebraska… stated: “Terrifying reports are filtering through the British, French and American occupied zones, and even more gruesome reports from the Russian occupied zone, revealing a horrifying picture of deliberate and wholesale starvation…The truth is that there are thousands upon thousands of tons of military rations in our surplus stockpiles that have been spoiling right in the midst of starving populations.” Germany’s War pp.311

    The horrific scenes encountered by U.S. and British troops when they entered German concentration camps at the end of World War II have been used to prove a German policy of extermination of the Jews. As gruesome as these scenes were, it was soon discovered that most of the deaths in the German camps were caused by disease and other natural causes. None of the autopsy reports show that anyone died of poison gas. Also, contrary to publicized claims, no researcher has been able to document a German policy of extermination through starvation in the German camps. The virtual collapse of Germany’s food, transport, and public health systems and the extreme overcrowding in the German camps at the end of the war led to the catastrophe the Allied troops encountered when they entered the camps. Germany’s War p.383
    exposing women’s body parts and burning them with lighted cigarettes.

    The Theresienstadt concentration camp in Czechoslovakia was used by Germany during the war to intern many of Germany’s, Austria’s, and Czechoslovakia’s most famous or talented Jews. On May 24, 1945, the Czech government decided to use the Theresienstadt camp to imprison 600 Germans from Prague. Within the first few hours of their arrival between 59 and 70 of the 600 Germans were brutally beaten to death. Two hundred more of the Germans were reported to have died from torture and beatings within the next few days. The camp commandant, Alois Pruša, took great pleasure in the beatings, and reportedly used at least one of his daughters to assist him in killing the German inmates. Pruša and his assistant told the remaining surviving Germans that they would never leave the camp.[20]

    Torture appears to have been the rule in Czech-run Theresienstadt. Guards at Theresienstadt used a variety of instruments for beating and lashing their victims: steel rods sheathed with leather, pipes, rubber truncheons, iron bars and wooden planks. One woman in Theresienstadt observed and still remembers the screams from a female SS member forced to sit astride an SA dagger. Dr. E. Siegel, a Czech-speaking medical doctor working for the Red Cross, was also subject to extensive torture in Theresienstadt. Dr. Siegel thought the guards were ordered from above to commit their acts of torture, because the methods used in all Czech camps were broadly similar.[21]

  6. sharphelix says:

    Six hundred thousand Sudeten Germans were killed during the
    massacres in the earthly hell of the death camps of Czechoslovakia.
    The Sudeten German White Paper records these horrors with full
    details on more than 1,000 pages, horrors for which there is no
    precedent in the history of mankind. Armed Czech women and
    Jewesses continued hitting the womb of expectant mothers with
    truncheons until a miscarriage followed, and in one single camp ten
    German women died daily in this way. (Document No. 6.) In another
    camp, the inmates were forced to lick up the bespattered brains of
    their fellow-prisoners who had been beaten to death. German
    prisoners were forced to lick up infectious feces from the underwear
    of their fellow-prisoners suffering from dysentery. (Document No.
    17.) The Czech and Jewish doctors refused all medical aid to German
    women raped by the Russians. Hundreds of thousands died by these
    means or sought salvation in suicide, as, for instance, in Brno (Brun),
    where on a single day 275 women committed suicide.
    Naturally, the Western “humanitarian” press, the American radio
    network and the B.B.C. commentators took good care never to
    mention these facts, although they themselves were in the first place
    responsible for this campaign of revenge to which they instigated the
    members of their own nations. They were thus guilty of poisoning the
    soul of Christendom by the hatred they induced.
    But Czechoslovakia was not the first state where horrors of this type
    occurred. Ana Rabinovich Pauker returned to Rumania as early as
    August, 1944, and under the orders of the Eastern Jews who arrived
    with her, massacres began there too.

  7. sharphelix says:

    Israel IDF Shooting Kids In Gaza.

  8. TommyAtkins says:


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