Police and Crime Commissioners Elections!

Robin Tilbrook, Chairman of the English Democrats, is reminding everyone that in the elections in April and May this year are the important ones for England’s Police and Crime Commissioners which replaced the previous largely ineffective, cliquey and anonymous Police and Fire Authorities with directly Elected Commissioners with wide-ranging powers including to hire and fire the Chief Constable and to allocate the Police Force’s budget and to set policing policies.

This is the only opportunity to revolutionise policing in England to refocus on protecting normal patriotic people from the effects of the British Political Establishment’s unpatriotic, multiculturalist, globalist, political correctness.

Let’s maximise this opportunity! We need volunteers, funds and help collecting signatures and leafleting! Can you help us?

Our slogan for these elections is ‘English Democrats –“MORE POLICE – CATCHING CRIMINALS!”‘

“Our manifesto has good old fashioned English common-sense policies for policing which will strongly appeal to the electorates of most English Constabularies.

Elected English Democrats’ Police and Crime Commissioners will purge their police forces of political correctness and focus their police forces on catching real criminals and maintaining traditional English Law and Order rather than Politically Correct social engineering projects.

“If elected we will implement a zero tolerance attitude on the part of our police force to petty crime and anti-social behaviour, that blights so many of our communities”.

MORE POLICE – CATCHING CRIMINALS! Traditional English Law and Order; Cracking down on real criminals and gangs. Criminals should be afraid, not good citizens!

Zero tolerance for political correctness in Essex policing!

“We shall use the Police Commissioners powers to dismiss and replace Chief Constables in the event of non-compliance.”

Robin Tilbrook is the English Democrats’ candidate. He is an Essex solicitor, past President of the Mid Essex Law Society and Chairman of the English Democrats.”

Will you help us campaign and to make a difference?

Yours sincerely

Robin Tilbrook

Chairman – The English Democrats


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