Miles Mathis is being affected by The Grand Solar Minimum

I have never lived through a Solar Minimum like this one. None of us have, since this is the worst since about 1810. Solar Minimum impacts this question in two big places. One, there is a link between oxygen levels and planetary charge levels, though it hasn’t been much studied, especially in cases like this. Lower charge levels lead to lower oxygen production levels and lower available oxygen in the lower atmosphere. But there is more to it than that, because the lower charge levels also inhibit the body’s ability to process that oxygen in the lungs. The body requires charge to function efficiently, and in times like this is it like having a flashlight with low batteries in it. The bulb lights up, but not fully. Same with all functions in your body. All cellular functions are repressed right now, due to low charge levels in the entire system. This affects not only lung function, but heart function as well.

Which brings us to. . . brachycardia. I have always had a very slow heartrate, which is about 48 resting but which drops into the 30s at night. I have woken up in the middle of the night and quickly measured it at 35. Under normal conditions, that wasn’t a problem for me, but once we load all these contributing factors on top of it, it becomes one more problem of many.

I sleep with the covers over my nose and mouth. I never did that until I moved to Taos, but the air here is so dry it helps keep my mouth moist. Allergies are very bad here, so I often have to breathe through my mouth, you see. I keep my house pretty cold as well (about 63F), so the covers keep my nose warm. Turns out that is a mistake, and I am going to stop doing it starting tonight. This is a very big contributing factor, since it means I am getting less oxygen and rebreathing more carbon dioxide. So I am poisoning myself at the same time I am depriving myself of oxygen. This explains why my main symptom, nausea, is worst when I first wake up.

Yet another contributing factor is the little space heater I use in my tiny computer room. It is the coldest room in the house, so I often have that heater on the winter to keep the temperature up. That is also a mistake, since the heater burns. . . oxygen. If I close the door to keep the cats out, that just adds to the problem.

This also explains my other symptoms, like tightness in the chest and torso—another big pointer to altitude sickness. Also general fatigue and malaise, as well as shortness of breath. The feeling like you are gasping for air. Also explains the anxiety, which is another symptom of hypoxia. Much of that anxiety just evaporated, since knowing the cause of my symptoms is a great relief. At times I had actually thought I was dying of some incurable disease. It also explains the numb spots that come and go in my feet and hands. Turns out this is yet another symptom of hypoxia, especially long-term low- grade hypoxia of the sort I have.

It also explains why my symptoms evaporated when I left town. It wasn’t because I was with people more when traveling, it was because I was in Atlanta or Austin, much nearer sea-level, where the oxygen levels were higher. And because it was warmer and moister, I wasn’t sleeping with the covers over my nose and mouth.

It also explains my slight hyperthyroid condition, since under hypoxia stress the thyroid tries to make up for lacks and depletions in other organs by overcompensating itself. The thyroid is like the drill sergeant trying to wake sleepy privates in the early morning, telling them to get going. But since the organs are depressed, not just sleepy, they can’t respond to those orders. The organs need charge and the thyroid can’t supply charge to them.

So, what to do? Well, get rid of the heater and quit breathing through the covers, to start with. I also plan to visit an oxygen bar tomorrow, to see if that helps. I will let you know. I know that oxygen bars have been pooh-poohed as an expensive fad, and although I think that is probably true in most cases, in cases like mine they might actually help. There is also a guy near here who offers hyperbaric oxygen, but it is very expensive–$125 per visit. I haven’t really got the funds for that sort of treatment. I am hoping that the charge levels will get back to normal by this summer, which should help a lot. I am amazed we are still at zero sunspots in mid-February 2020, but it looks like Pluto may still be interfering with our rise.

Of course I am also considering moving to a lower elevation, where it rains more.

TAP – One of the effects of 5G is to mess up the molecular structure of oxygen making it harder to absorb by the lungs.  If the Grand Solar Minimum is also contributing to this effect, then no wonder people in polluted Wuhan are collapsing in the street – virus it is not.  Miles, go down the mountain but avoid 5G please.


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