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  1. Firefox says:

    Interesting video on how thought crime is becoming more prevalent. Boris Johnson promised 10,000 more Police officers if [s]elected. Maybe so. But they won’t be walking the streets… they will be monitoring our daily activities such as social media whereby anything can be considered a ‘crime’:


  2. Firefox says:

    I forgot to mention that Harry Miller went through the Supreme Court. This was set up by Tony Blair and it was them that cleared him of war crimes.

    But of course they would… Tony Blair setup the Supreme Court:

    ”Blair’s governments enacted constitutional reforms, removing most hereditary peers from the House of Lords, while also establishing the UK’s Supreme Court and reforming the office of Lord Chancellor (thereby separating judicial powers from the legislative and executive branches).”

    Point is, you take something which is clearly wrong to the highest court and you are blocked off. So much for justice and so it more like ‘just is’ whether you like it or not.

    • Tapestry says:

      ..in fact handing judicial power to the corporations who bribe the judges and the politicians. Better reconnect the powers as seperating them Blair-style has proved disastrous for Britain. Real Brexit comes when Boris back-reforms the legal system.

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