Chinese government saying lockdown ends 10th March

The lockdown is covering the whole of China, not just Wuhan.  People are housebound and not permitted to go to work.  The country’s economy is closed.  Streets are being sprayed with toxic chemicals, and food is being delivered to homes.

It’s impossible to imagine how this can be, but it is true as Chinese people in the West can confirm all the details.

Now the government is claiming a tumbling number of new Coronavirus cases – only one new case it says each day.

A vaccine is now available, the government says.

That vaccine has been readied so fast, you might almost believe it was made before the supposed ‘outbreak’.

As Jon Rappoport says, Coronavirus is basically pneumonia and this kills around 300,00 people in China every year.  They’ve changed the diagnosis six times during the ‘outbreak’.

The date of 10th March might actually happen but of course it could be delayed.  Yet the endgame is starting to appear.  A mass vaccination campaign and a dislocated economy struggling to get back into shape.  Already the world is struggling to cope without China’s manufactured goods.  Another month and there could be delays across many classes of goods and shops and factories will be looking for new supply.  The world has too many eggs in one basket – a very fragile basket.

UPDATE – Another unofficial report says the quarantine lockdown could end this week.


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