Big Wireless has literally bought the mainstream.

Telecoms have systematically captured government agencies, paid off elected reps, lied to committees, and comprised the integrity of network media through billions in ad revenue and now “joint ventures” with 5G.

Despite that, millions are realizing that 5G isn’t going to make our lives better… but is actually a trojan horse which will exploit and harm humanity. The 5G-IoT-AI-Technocracy pathway does not lead to a good future for anyone.

Last week, Derrick Broze, a former candidate for Mayor of Houston and speaker in our Summit, released a new feature film which is bringing the 5G conversation to a new level, with his “5G Trojan Horse Documentary” on YouTube.

What Derrick uncovers is exactly what Big Telecom doesn’t want people to see. I was deeply inspired by this documentary — the best single video to watch and share about 5G. Derrick includes solutions for everyone, including elected reps, and aligns with the meta-solution of both collaboration and accountability / liability:

Watch The 5G Trojan Horse Documentary on YouTube

In this documentary, Derrick Broze, an independent freelance investigative journalist exposes the truth behind the race to 5G, the concerns about health, privacy, and power, and the corruption between Big Wireless and government.

It has 4 main chapters to give us the full story the mainstream media is not releasing to the public.

·         Chapter 1 – The Electromagnetic Spectrum and 5G

·         Chapter 2 – The Concerns About EMF’s and 5G

·         Chapter 3 – The Big Wireless-5G Takeover

·         Chapter 4 – Solutions (starts at 1:30)

This film will help you deepen your understanding of the truth about 5G, the industry-government collusion, and pathways for solutions.

Watch the “The 5G Trojan Horse Documentary now and share it with everyone you know, including your elected officials.

To your rights and health,

Josh del Sol
Host, 5G Crisis: Awareness & Accountability
Creator, Take Back Your Power

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