The 5G virus. Someone’s pulling our leg.

TAP.  There’s something odd about all the details being reported from Wuhan.  No one can make sense of the reports.  It’s a sign that the narrative is not true.  And it’s a massive fake.  Hence the need for a lockdown – to stop information from emerging.

This article for example.

The initial symptoms of the first patients were quite mild, seemingly no more than a typical winter flu and thus of no special concern. It was only after about two weeks, when the symptoms became more severe and patients required hospitalisation, that medical experts realised they were dealing with a new contagion.

After that, things happened very quickly with extensive tests and investigation, the discovery of the new coronavirus, the decoding of its entire genome and the distribution of that genome to the WHO and other authorities, all accomplished within about two weeks. China’s quick reaction and solid results generated worldwide praise from officials. Public announcements were made at the same time, revealing the facts available to date.

Chinese medical authorities took great comfort initially from the fact the infections at the outset showed no tendency to spread between humans, a blessing which was dutifully reported. No secondary infections had been identified, and no medical staff had become infected. Then suddenly, during that initial two weeks, perhaps due to adaptation or mutation, the virus began exhibiting contagious tendencies and about a dozen medical staff became suddenly infected, apparently from a single patient.

This constituted a material change in the circumstances, since a freely-contagious coronavirus could run rampant through the population. It was at this point that the authorities immediately instituted the effective quarantine first of Wuhan then of most of Hubei Province, a quarantine that has now expanded to several other cities in other provinces in an attempt to corral the virus and prevent wider contagion. And again, China’s quick reaction and solid results generated worldwide praise from officials.

I want to create some further necessary context by imagining a hypothetical situation. A major pharmaceutical company discovers that some batches of a frequently-prescribed medication may have been contaminated. At the beginning, there are still few facts and little is known about the extent or the severity of the contamination. How would a responsible corporation deal with this?

This may be counter-intuitive, but making an immediate public announcement would be reckless, potentially creating needless public alarm and even panic, as well as damaging public confidence and the company as well. Of course, the prime concern is the public welfare, but the company must first (admittedly very quickly) gather sufficient facts and information to understand the scope of the problem and the gravity of the overall situation. This fact-gathering process should require only a few days or perhaps a week or two at most, depending on circumstances. Public announcements in the absence of facts would be premature and even irresponsible.

If the contamination is discovered to be limited to one small batch which can be identified and recalled before use, the problem is solved. If the evidence is that many or an unknown number of batches may have been contaminated and locations are unknown, the problem and the danger to the public clearly become greater. An additional concern is the nature of the contamination and the degree of danger it presents to the public health, whether the effects of ingesting a contaminated medication would be minor or potentially lethal.

If the facts indicate that the contamination could have major negative consequences to the public and that the scope is unknown or not easily determinable, meaning the contamination cannot be easily contained, then an immediate public announcement is warranted, and indeed mandatory. However, none of this happens in a vacuum. National health authorities must first be advised and their opinion and guidance sought as to the content and timing of the public announcement as well as instructions on appropriate methods of solution.

The decisions of timing and content of a public announcement are made by the management of both the company and the national health authority. Rank and file staff of either group are not involved in this process since they haven’t the knowledge or experience. Typically, executives of both groups will decide on content and appoint a spokesperson to convey the necessary information to the public, done in a manner to inform but not alarm or panic the public.

But what happens if someone short-circuits this process? What if a low-level staff member at the pharmaceutical company learns of a possible contamination, assumes incorrectly the contamination involves HIV or the Bubonic Plague, and posts messages on social media to this effect?

Only one death outside China – recent arrival in Manila from Wuhan.  Even in China 95% of reported deaths are inside Wuhan.  Allowing for travel, that’s as good as saying 100%.  Still no reports of children being affected.  There are many aspects of this that don’t make sense.  The media and the medical bureaucracies are throwing huge money at it.  The vaccine industry is jumping all over it promising a new super fast vaccine. – a so-called DNA vaccine, which permanently changes our DNA.  There are many agendas in play here.

Total deaths are still below 1000 – Wuhan is a 5G testbed in China.  Do they need a cover story for all the sickness it is causing?  Is this in fact the 5G virus?  Maybe as written above, to make the Coronavirus narrative more convincing they’ve introduced some extra toxicity which kills enough people to make it more believable, and something for the news media to get their teeth into.  I am sure all these steps were planned in advance and are reported as being reactions to events.  What other stunts might Bill Gates and his cronies be going to pull?  No wonder neighbouring nations are on their guard stopping flights and introducing quarantine periods.  You can be sure of one thing.  It’s nothing to do with the virus which all reports have pointed out is quite harmless.

Fake epidemics are cover stories to hide killing of people by other means


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  1. 1nickmill says:

    Very interesting.
    I normally Tweet posts from The Tap, directly to Twatter.
    All the direct boxes below the article have disappeared.
    Is there a reason for this pls.?

  2. tapnewswiremember says:

    We should cast our net wider. I think this may be very relevant as to why this coronavirus has appeared now.

    We are about to have a total global financial meltdown. Bonds, equities, commodities, bank shut downs. It’s going to be absolute mayhem. Supply chains will vaporise. Your credit/debit card will not work and you won’t be able to get cash out of your back account. The USD will go full Weimar. Trump has been trying to hold the floodgates back until after the elections later this year but he may not succeed. They need a scapegoat. Ta dah! The coronavirus!! It’s an Act of God so everyone can legally repudiate their contractual obligations.

    The western banks are bust. If you follow Jim Willie, the derivatives timebomb has gone off.

    Bix Weir said the $470B bank bailout on 21 Jan 2020. God knows what it is now. I think Jim Willie said recently the Fed is now accepting junk from hedge funds as collateral for digital USD.

    Listen to this interview with Jim Willie in mid November

    My notes of part of that show:

    Since July, bond mkt blow up but not recognised
    Repo out of control
    Trying not to make it POMO – permanent
    Still repo
    stopping bleeding
    1½ month was $20 -30 B overnight
    a month ago $40 B
    up to 80 B
    now going up to over 200 B a night

    If we get to ½ T, will we be in a Weimer crisis?
    Or do we need it to be $1 T a day

    Who needs all this money?
    Who needs the aid, the emergency action in an overnight dispensation of 200 billion?
    which 3 weeks ago was 100 B
    when do we call it a crisis?

    4:47 big quest wrt repo being converted to pomo – who needs this money?
    Don’t think it’s 50 to 80 banks
    the banking system is vulnerable
    we have a doz SCIFI banks
    systemically important financial institutions
    if a bank is a scifi bank, then everything will be done to prevent its failure
    cos it could take down the entire banking system
    due to the inter-links and shared derivative load

    Banks on death’s doorstep

    Credit Suisse
    Dave Morgan who spoke with a keynote speaker
    Credit Suisse of Switzerland (other giant bank is UBS)
    CS was in very big trouble
    They had major challenges in unwinding their giant positions

    These are bankruptcies in progress kept in secret
    When a SCIFI bank goes into failure, they will not tell you
    ‘Cos could cause contagion and bank runs and a sequence of failures
    It gets totally out of control

    Who needs all this money?
    Who needs the aid, the emergency action in an overnight dispensation of 200 billion?
    which 3 weeks ago was 100 B
    when do we call it a crisis?

  3. tapnewswiremember says:

    I strongly suggest everyone get enough cash out of their banks to meet their needs for the next 6 months. You’re about to get Cyprus’d.

    Tap, you should start researching the new monetary system which will be introduced when the USD goes belly up. The Yankees have been desperate to shore up the USD by trying to steal assets from Venezuela (which has gold as well as oil), Iran etc. They’ve been blocked. Their thieving days are over.

    Jim Willie has spoken many times about China introducing gold-backed notes to fund commercial trade. It’s coming. And soon. Gold and silver will finally break free of the price manipulations.

  4. tapnewswiremember says:

    PS Best to have some non-preishable food at home. Dried beans and rice is always useful to have at the back of your cupboard. You may experience shortages at the supermarket. It should be no big deal to add some tins of baked beans to your trolley. And loo paper – don’t get me started on this one……. LOL!

  5. tapnewswiremember says:

    Here’s someone who gets it.
    His Twitter a/c got blocked a few hours after he uploaded that video.

    Generally, when there is something that has the potential for public harm, it’s hidden from you.
    And you are kept in the dark.
    THIS – every effort that they can possibly come up with, is being used to keep it in your face….
    Fear fear fear
    Why do you think this is happening?
    It all comes down to $ and cents.
    That’s what runs the world.
    Whoever controls the cash box, controls the world.
    What’s the set-up?
    We have a dire situation going on here in the debt market.
    It’s unprecedented.
    We are existing under a Frankenstein debt bubble
    Every effort imaginable to keep it hyperinflated is going on, right under our nose
    The FED is pumping this market like we’ve never seen before.
    It means that the FED has … to conjure that cash out of thin air, add it to your digital screen, pile on more debt ..
    …. we’re in a global slowdown
    ….to maintain where we are right now, we cannot do it without exploding the debt much bigger than it is, and adding to our deficit.
    …. we are in freefall.
    Absolute freefall.
    The only thing giving the illusion that things are OK is the stock market.
    How is the stock market being maintained where it is?
    By a debt expansion cycle, the likes of which the world has never seen…..
    Their final solution; their last push, which we are seeing now, is going to require more debt than we have ever seen, to be borrowed into existence.
    This is how they win.
    By allowing a central bank to issue more of its product, it becomes stronger.
    Every day, they create more slaves on an unprecendented scale.

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